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My first short story, has many twists and turns, leaves a lot of space for imagination, it is about this boy and his best friend, and turns out that he didn't really know his friend at all. What he discovers will shock us all. Read More
My first short story, has many twists and turns, leaves a lot of space for imagination, it is about this boy and his best friend, and turns out that he didn't really know his friend at all. What he discovers will shock us all. Read More
There was a king who simply ruled over his kingdom. He was very greedy and wanted more. He wanted the Golden Diamong, for he believes that will make him rich and popular. A old man teaches him a lesson in the very end. Read More
The poem is just about the definition of life, it say a million words in just short stanzas. You would swear it was written by Mr W. Shakespear, in modern english though. Read More

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June 17, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Inspired by "The Legend of Zelda," “Fable,” and “The Elder Scrolls,” this epic about a young man, the last of the Dragon Fighters, must discover his destiny and save his kingdom from total annihilation by a force of darkness. Read More
Ol' John Morgan is a well known story of wealth, love, and life lost. This is the little told, little known story of the poor man standing at the corner begging for something to eat. He has a story full of love, adventure, family, gain, life, and tragedy. The homeless… Read More
“To feel at ease or enjoy a particular type of music or a tune, your brain has to be formatted to accept that particular tune,” “When you listen to a new tune or alien music for the very first time, you don’t enjoy as much as your favorite tunes because… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about beauty Read More
If you like Shakespeare, well...I think this is for you. Read More
The Summary and Character Pictures for my new novel - Waiting for the Sunrise Read More
The halls of Regrail Mansion have aways been haunted. Read More

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This short story captures the moment when two of the most dominant species on earth met for the first time - Neanderthal and Homosapain. Yet natures laws are stern, coalition is not conceivable, and there can only ever be one dominant species. Read More
Plato's famous Allegory of the Cave, retold with modern substitutions. Read More
Rosalie has never liked her name. It was her mother-Sarah- who had decided to give her the nick name Rose. Rose is a very abnormal teenager. She hates Party, loves school, and loathes reality. One night her father and mother go out to a business ball and leave Rose in… Read More
this is the extraordinary diary of celine varenz. raped at thirteen and with her family despising of abortion celine had to come to terms with the consequences. she was so scared, so helpless but somehow managed to overcome her awfull exsperiance. however, now 15 all she receives are looks of… Read More
My name is Tim Rex a regular gypsy who needs a life. Read More
Originally my AS creative writing coursework, it is the opening chapter of a sequel to 1984 by George Orwell from Julia's perspective. Read More

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What makes a piece of classic literature a "classic"? Read More

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August 13, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Stanly has run away from everything in his small town to california and now wants to start a new life no strings attached! Until he falls for a girl who is everything that he's not. Read More
Seeking for attention, but still the person feels loneliness inside... Read More

Tags: dark, passion, sad, classic

The fairy tales we all grew up with aren't just children's tales. When you think about it, these are in depth tales of love, hate, fear, happiness, and every other emotion you can think of. These stories are for sure, not your average fairy tales. Read More
This Is A Short Story About The Life That Goes On After Jack London's 'White Fang' and 'The Call Of The Wild'. If You Are A Jack London Fan, You Are Sure To Love This Story. This is just an introduction into the book, more will be coming soon! P.S.… Read More
A tale about when Man meets animal but ends up worse off. With some memoable characters and a bit of humor you are going love it. A classic Man and animal story with a slight twist. Read More
Little Red Goldilocks encounters the three little pig's and the big bad wolf while traveling to visit her grandmother. Read More
Another little red riding hood story read and enjoy. Read More
CHARACTERS! The classic tale of romeo and juliet with a twist romeos a werewolf and juliets a vampire Read More
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