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The man was there on a sunny day with the old tattered bible in his right hand and saying, ''It's all in here. Come and hear the word of God.'' Read More

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I am a strong believer in the first power over all powers whatever it may be. A poem from me. Read More
The idea for this poem came from the Old Testament. Read More

Tags: earth, breath, clay, rib

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This poem is strange. I don't know how it came about. Read More
This poem is to help with depression Sadness etc.. Read More

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They're many different Masterpieces that the Potter has made, with Clay Read More

Tags: potter, mold, clay

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After getting a call from the president to launch their nuclear weapons, General Michael Kenmore has to make a decision. Read More

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A short poem about being happy with what you have and what you can do. Read More
Clay wants nothing more than to escape his normal life, in exchange for the wondrous dream he keeps having. Read More
A poem expressing the importance of the youth Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 31, 2013

I'm not pretending. Read More
The story of hard working pottery maker. Read More

Short Story / Other

July 31, 2013

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How can you paint when you can't see?? Read More
Vernal Fridays finds Her biding Time Chastity vibe and a bottle of Wine Resting upon a ledge balance beamed Light and dark fluidity of movement- Diurnal Vernal blade of Bluegrass Holding the contour of a footstep Left Behind yesterdays Gamble. A Win streak Wind beaked Birdcall Beckons a Supper time… Read More
Everyday activities keep me thinking about life and what we want to become. This is my explanation of one of those times. Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 09, 2013

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A poem about Humans and society how they create and mold us Read More
Elijah Richmond has been given a second chance at life. He's in a new school in a new town and can be whoever he wants to be. Trying to rebuild his life after the coma is proving difficult when people won't let go of the past. Especially when he just… Read More

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We all have different means to escape the cruelties all enjoy every day. Whether it be writing, music, singing, even smoking. We all need some kind of distraction. Read More
A short summary of Thirteen Reasons Why Read More
This poem is about the fun of summer and no school and that activities people usually do during the summer! Hope you enjoy this poem and write comments! Read More
Just describing how to make a clay head and relating it to raising a child. It is very long Read More

Tags: child, clay

Muhammad Ali, known as "The Greatest", he was not only a great boxer but also a man of inspiration for many. Read More

Book / Young Adult

February 23, 2010

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COMPLETED! To young Maddie Harris, it had seemed like she had met her prince quite early in life. She liked her friend Clayton, and she was pretty sure he liked her too. Now three years later, time has made them grow apart, Maddie's still in a trance, and Clay seems… Read More
“The dance routine for Calypsonians is not complicated.” “One step forward, one step backward, and a step sideways, then make a 360 degree roundabout on your heels with your arm stretched forward as if explaining something, that’s about it,” born in Trinidad, Mahabir understood the routine good. In between conducting… Read More
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