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Keeping windows clean can be a challenge, and reason to invent something. Read More
Just an Expert from a short story I'm working on at the moment. I hope whoever reads this enjoys a bit of action. Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

November 03, 2014

Jim is a cleaner with a penchant for working in the nude. Ever the professional, he goes for a row on the Thames. Read More
Max works as a cleaner at a college. He is lonely and single. No girls want him so he decides to kidnap one. While working one day, he spots the perfect girl. Beautiful and innocent, he thinks she's "the one". But is she really who she seems to be? Read More
The women our favorite in the world who love us favorite and who we love favorite are our mathors. When Mom's birthday is coming, I am thinking clearly about which gift to send my mother as a birthday present. This is the obligation of children to do. What in the… Read More

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