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Halloween themed Enjoy! Read More
He jumped forward slashing twice to the chest of the beast he beheld. It fell no sound came from it except the struggle to breath. He jumped aside as a hand reached for his throat. The creature jagged and sharp claws nearly landing his death blow. But dodging the blow,… Read More
Daniel Wise, 18, was living a normal life until two strangers appear and shake his world to its core. In a span of 24 hours, he goes from enduring boring high school days and spending time with his best friend Catherine, to questioning everything he knows and traveling to another… Read More
Her little brother had friends. Or, more specifically, one friend. Read More

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Emilia. A strange girl. A brutal mistake led to a gruesome accident. She haunts herself: her regrets, her feelings, her actions. Her and Asher both know there is only one way she can escape her prison. Read More
"The bell doesn't jingle when you walk in". Descriptive based. The first chapter is pure description, a way for you to be transported elsewhere. In the second, enjoy suspense, and an ending that will leave you cursing and wanting more. Intrigued? Reviews are greatly appreciated. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A free-written story that I have edited to make it look vaguely okay. By "The Match," I am in no way shape or form referring to football or any other sport. I don't really care about them. Take out the "really," please. Hope you don't mind cliffhangers because I have… Read More
full of thrill this story involves a curios hunter that encounters a strange beast. want to find out what happens? read on to discover the end. Read More
The next part of the 7th dimension,if this gets feedback i will make the whole book and publish it. Read More
My work on this book is very short obviously,it will leave you on a cliffhanger and either want/not want more of the story.I would just like to hear your opinions on this for me and if i should carry on.It will have strong language,but starting of its only got a… Read More
A year into enemy territory, they have accepted me as their own... but everything has been going downhill. Are they really my enemy? Under whose hands did my parents fall to? Can I... really trust anyone anymore? Read More
A detective is attempting to solve a muder case when the events seem to crumble at the seams. Read More
A girl is being led by a man when she starts to question his motives. everything turns sour. WARNING!!! CLIFFHANGER ENDING!!!!!! Read More
This is just a short story to give you a taste of my writing her on Booksie! Read More

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I will post the rest of BOYSTAPATED here. I filed it under "book" and to add you have to do novel so i'm going to just continue it here :) ENJOY! Comment your opinions i would love to hear them good or bad. Read More

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November 09, 2013

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At the age of 4 I was moved into care, I've lived in too many different to families to count. But it seems like all end the same way, sent back into the swashed care home that I've only ever really known. Gina says I'm misunderstood, but I know that… Read More
On August 4, 2033, an assault of over 400 soldiers was sent to aid the Russians during World War 3. Follow Corporal Dustin Smith and his two friends Pvt. Austin Wheatly, and Pvt. Jared Mosely as they go through the war. Read More
This poem is based on a dream I had the other night. I wrote it in about 2 hours and it's almost just a stream of consciousness. Hopefully you enjoy it anyway, and if you have any questions, maybe they will be answered in part 2. Thanks. Read More
Dreams that seem real. We all have them, but for select kids across the globe they're more than just dreams. When they go to sleep, these kids enter a battleground. They don't know why, but they know that what happens in these dreams counts for something. Failing isn't an option. Read More
"A feeble fire is lit at the edge of my heart; without my knowing, it spreads into burning passion. My butterfly flapped about aimlessly, leaving behind some powder on your hand." **** I lay back on my bed with my ear phones on, listening to one of my favorite songs.… Read More
A very short story about a young woman who tries to find her way. WARNING: CLIFFHANGER AND IT ENDS SUDDENLY Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Tribe has finally founded a home. Follow a women through her class in teaching them about how their beginning was. When a suden twist at the end leaves you WARNING hanging. Read More
Dale is an average teenager who walks his dad's dog, watches "CSI", likes to talk to himself and hates his neighbors (but that doesn't make him a bad guy). But will peer pressure lead Dale and his girlfriend; Sarah to experience their first sexual encounter!? Enjoy! Read More
This story is about a young drummer boy in war. His name is Xander. He is reserved into war because the troops need a 14 year old boy to drum when war is active. Read More
Inspired by Firefly and Serenity, this is a story involving Element, a spaceship that gets stranded in unmarked territory. Could be the start of a longer novel... Read More
A boy is chosen to defend our world from those who want Earth for themselves. He is granted special powers and ripped away from his friends and family to do something he was born to do. Read More
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