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Instead of carbon dioxide warming the planet, with better land management, the planet could be cooled. Read More
A conversation about how climate anxiety is being used. Read More

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July 31, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

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They say the recent flooding has been caused by carbon dioxide induced climate change. I beg to differ... Read More

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A fairly involved essay which tries to put some perspective into features that make up our planet and demonstrate that in the climate we experience today is not unpresedented. I won't be surprised if only a few read this though. If you do good luck, Read More

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The recent find of a kumara pit led to a natter about climate change and protests Read More

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this is the life of ruby. she was born in 2020 and will live her life through the climate changes we all have been warned about. read about how she deals with it, and how she fights for happiness and trying to still be optimistic. will she survive? what will… Read More

Featured Review by helmu

"Only if Russians raked their forests like we do... No, seriously, this is horrible to see. While I personally love the heat waves Arctic and res..." Read More

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The Science Fiction House

With climate change on everyone's mind, who'd be better suited to lead the way into the future than a shady megacorp? Read More
An article in the newspaper was so full of misinformation, my hackles went up. Read More
Let the living Creation give us the way ahead being accountable and sustainable for all. :) Read More
The media often attribute climate change to happenings when there may be other factors. Read More
I didn't really want to write this, but it is something we should try to understand. Read More
An open letter, some things I have previously written about but to me it fits together. Read More
A news report didn't quite have the facts right. Read More
This story is also included in the 'Imaginarium House Summer 2019 Collection'. Cover image: rodion-kutsaev-1382594 Read More

Featured Review by H-J FURL

"A perfect summary of how these terrifying heatwaves affect our emotions, our mental wellbeing, not just our physical health, A thought provoking..." Read More

I write down few powerful second reading in my works as a message to live with today. May you like this. :) Read More
This poem is about a time we are uncertain abiding in a great change. I hope these days I am given here lighten every heart for this day. Let us bring faith we are blessed be gifted for this treasure ahead. :) Read More

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The Review Chain House

This poem presents the picture of the modern world that we are living in today. In the present time when technology is touching its peak and everything can be done in the blink of an eye, we see that there is no place for humanity to dwell. People don't… Read More
I hope this is not still a dream for all. We love Earth for utmost creators gifts. Let us sustain this happy feet that give a tale unknown for all cherished blessing we may sustain. Finally may our cause be its mission to live a story we may be evergreen… Read More
Energy as currency. The near future in Australia. Free market ideology dominates life and politics where the notions of libertarian freedom have been allowed to evolve into its most brutul form. Some resist. Is one person's freedom fighter another's terrorist? Who controls the truth? Read More

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August 24, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Personal one. I guess you could say it is less about 'climate change' but rather a 'change in climate' ;) Read More

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A brief story of mankind as a destructive species. I discuss how man is destroying the planet and ultimately the extinction of the human race due to man's destructive nature. Read More
lazy idle day with unseasonable mild weather I wonder what Winter holds in store.Like a perfidious lover she is unwieldy , Nut she keeps you guessing thief , sundered embrace ruefulness Read More
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