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I news report on the radio caused me to put things straight. Read More
The last words of a very famous man. He hasn't lived yet, but he might. Read More
This is a fictional depiction of the possible future of a small city in a tropical island beset with financial problems but with dedicated citizens willing to work tirelessly to improve conditions one city at a time. It was written after Hurricane Irma ravaged the islands of the Caribbean but… Read More
A young man sits by his campfire high in the mountains and mourns the death of the world. He tells us the story of the world's end, how his father predicted the coming devastation and taught him to survive. Read More
Here's the tweet/video, don't know if the link in the text works. And if someone can tell me how I can make links actually work in this platform, thanks, because this Ctrl V/C shit is kinda annoying. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I came across slam poetry a few years ago and really enjoy it. This is one I’m working on. Read More
I Called Him May is the first version of a short, fictional story based on how the world ended. It is a 2-minute read that will make you think about what the human imprint on the world is. Read More
Sometimes we come so close to snapping. Streaming sometimes helps. President Donald Trump signed an executive order today that seeks to destroy Barack Obama’s environmental legacy. The order represents a sweeping reversal of federal climate change policy, making good on Trump’s campaign promise to the fossil fuel industry to re-write… Read More
a poem on environmental awareness Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

With Hullabaloo22 Read More
This is a parody of the song "Paradise," with a similar theme. It refers to a fictional (but not unlikely) future, where we didn't do anything about climate change. Read More
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