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October 21, 2020

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The Spirit Space House

The final chapter. Read More
David gives a progress report. Read More
The Green Project meets its end. Read More
The meaning of Terri's Orchids comes full circle. Read More
More connections are discovered. Read More
Terri and Raven pay a visit to the Oven. Read More
More description of the 'new' children. Read More
A connection is made. Read More
A new substance is revealed. Read More
The transition has begun. Read More
The beginning of the end, first of the new. Read More
A conversation on the meaning of volunteering for Green. Read More
The final question and the answer. Read More
Inside the processing room. Read More
Alex is taken to processing. Read More
A decision about Alex. Read More
Alex is evaluated by Ken. Read More
Alex is evaluated by Ken. Read More
Alex is considered as he volunteers for the Green.Project. Read More
The Green Project adds a new dimension. Read More
Dr. Greyson's hidden worry. Read More
Some background on David and Susan. Read More
A turning point for Alex and April. Read More
Alex searches for April. Read More
The first batch of Green is being made. Read More
April tells Alex why she wants a baby. Read More
April reveals a shocking desire to Alex. Read More
Dr. Greyson And Dr. Sawyer discuss the probable long term effect of Green. Read More

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