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A total stranger offers you a chance at a new life. Would you take it? Read More

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“Sometimes, life calls us back to live again.” Maggie Warner has a gift of memory concerning all the days of this life, and some from her last one. Her family’s doubts leave Maggie frustrated. Only Robert Malone, neuropsychologist, and his memory inducing technology can prove her claim. His godson, Jack,… Read More
Methadone Treatment Centers in WV are placing video camera's in the bathrooms in order to video a patient when collecting a urine specimen. This is supposed to be in accordance with a new law requiring direct observation of ALL urine specimens. But the method used is unconstitutional and infringes upon… Read More
This is a short writing about the con's of having camera's in the urine collection area to watch patients via video surveillance while collecting a urine specimen. I discuss the negative outcomes, the effects on moral of the patient populous and the possible legal ramifications due to 4th amendment violations. Read More
A real-life account of a tormented soul, the long journey that encompassed both the physical and emotional horror, the darkest secrets and candid expression of a journey that is now filled with understanding, healing, and endless possibilities for the future. Read More
Natalie could not possibly be depressed. She is a doctor after all. Doctors do not get depressed. And really, what is the point of being a doctor? She saves people so that they can live a little longer trying to fulfill all of Earth's stressful demands. Really, what is the… Read More
A seasoned and massive warrior has appeared in the Hotel, and HK instructs him to ambush Miara--because it doesn't matter to him if she survives. A masters' battle ensues! Based on the Suburban Senshi multiverse; Solartiger is (c) his player. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A burned out child advocate descends into madness and decides to get politicians pregnant in a deranged scheme of revenge for slights against her sex. Read More
Teenagers around the world seek help from the wrong people. When they seek their parents, sometimes it's worth not to. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A girl sitting in a room with two other people. They are asking her questions and she learns something she hasn't realized before now. --- I'd say an interest in psychological and a wild fantasy would make this story interesting to a reader. Read More
Talking about:your weight Beauty comes in all different sizes, but some bullies and others don't think that. I will talk about some people I know, and how their weight makes them hate themselves Read More
Zoey leaves England behind to work with doctors in the middle of nowhere, South America,only now after treating patients does she realise how far away from home she really is... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A gang- run by one of the most heartless men- roams the streets. But when one of them finds a girl from an experimentation clinic and its found that the leader of the gang isn't so heartless after all- then the gang gets their whole world spun side to side… Read More
Nadema Ardin, has no last name, no memory of who she was five years from now, no family, nothing. All she has is her strength and abilities, which is owned by a group of very powerful people. It has been made clear that what she is is a soldier, but… Read More
Just another character in this world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I removed a wet-wipe from its pack and smudged the specks of drying blood on Julian's chin, noticing that the point of a protruding canine overlapped his lower lip. Read More
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