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Once upon a time, murderers weren't always caught, because, in fact, they were good. But can Detective Remy, and Chief Trent catch the crook, in time for Maren to get a new life? Read More
My first ever short short story. It is never what is seems and appears... Set in 2016, the story begins in a middle class home on the outskirts of London. Not all is what it seems, Pops aged 28, is fighting a battle that she knows she can not… Read More

Tags: journey, twist, clues

Brad is greatly affected by the death of his neighbor and close friend. After his friend dies, Brad finds clues and a last request left to him by his friend. Read More
Have you ever heard the phrase; "Curiousity killed the Cat"? Well, Mya St Clare knows that this is more of a fact than a riddle. Mya St Clare is the new girl in Beacon Hills High School, she has no idea about the Supernatural, but what happens if you go… Read More
A girl is brought up thinking that the person she lived with for the early years of her life was her father but a hospital test turns her whole life around. She returns home to discover her mother's past and try and work out who her father is? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sam Harper is an agent within the FBI and has been assigned to a new case. A young girl, named Chloe Harrison, has gone missing at Clown’s Smile the local toy store when with her mother. It doesn’t take long to find out that it’s a kidnapping case and, with… Read More
I write from another time, in another world, in hopes that my words will lead you to me, to where I am now. It is I that need more to come, in hopes of reviving a wondrous plane of fantasy that is very real. Please, join me. Read More
Short fantasy novel examines abortion from Biblical clues to it's spiritual implications Read More
Inspired by recent embroyonic stem cell human clinical tests (Shut down in horror). Read More
After starting her final year at Challenger Middle School, strange things start happening to Samantha Farley. Cue the dramatic music! Will she be able to save the day or will she lose the one that means most to her. Try not to fall for those Deadly Distractions. Read More
Raven Smith could never ever be normal. As a young child she was stripped of that's innocent when she watched her father die. Now, as a teenager she'd grown into something beyond any expectation, She uses, she slaughters, she kills. The Innocent girl who had given her own food to… Read More
Morgan is a teenage girl who loves to solve cases, whether it's from solving the case of the missing doll that her little sister took, or finding out who stole her best friend's bike. But when a sudden murder of a Mr Jenkins who lives next door is confirmed, Morgan… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Six years after her divorce, Faith Robinson goes back to Trevor, her private investigator ex-husband, to help her find her father, who'd mysteriously gone missing. Read More
Kylie and Garret have been friends since they can remember, or...they were friends. After all their years of friendship, Garret becomes distant and cuts off all his communication from her. When she finally sees him again he disappears the next day, and she's sent off on a case to search… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

just a random something that i needed to get off my chest Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 24, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

It is a simple haiku about a corpse that still leaves evidence to bring it's antagonist to justice. Read More
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