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Coaching, mentoring, and partner shipping with a person is an unique way for both individuals to find growth and empowerment. integrating with partners create a true spiritual looking glass at growth and innovation for both sides. Read More
The main message of this book is that YOU ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND AND HELPER. You – the one who has no bounds. You – the one who is a dreamer. You – the one who believes that everything is possible. The methods mentioned below can help you to get… Read More
I've been a coach for over ten years at the high school level. There is tons of information out there about different coaching strategies, offenses/defenses, determining skills, and training methods. My book will eventually get to that as it is a piece of writing in motion; however I wanted to… Read More
What is Commitment? How do we create committed Employees? Why is it important for an Organization? What are the factors influencing commitment? I wonder why I am committed to my organization and so do many of you. Is it that some of us are paid more than others, or some… Read More
I have taken some time to develop my coaching handbook that includes my coaching philosophy in regards to the game of baseball and what would be required of a player both on the field as well as citizenship. I would appreciate any feedback good or bad before I begin to… Read More
Whether you are considering life coaching as a career or for self coaching, Dean Amory's Complete Life Coaching and Personal Coaching Course is your best guide for coaching your coachees and yourself towards maximizing your life potential and achieving a happier and more fulfilled life. This is the last in… Read More
Este documento es un recurso práctico y conciso dirigido a cualquier persona interesada en el arte del coaching personal. Explica los principios y modelos básicos asi que las herramientas y técnicas más populares del coaching pesonal. En este documento se tratan cuestiones como: ¿Qué es el coaching personal? ¿Qué son… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this is my real story of the time when i was in highschool, it is in two parts, i am publishing this in hindi, if i get response than i will also publish in english . please read must ..... Read More
In middle school- such a long time ago- I joined the XC team, only find myself amidst the miles and miles of running. Read More

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June 04, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem I wrote quite a while ago. I'll admit it's no where near my best standard, if I have time I'm going to re-write it better. I thought I'd post it to see what people thought. This is basically my life. I'm a swimmer which means early… Read More
My book, The YOU Plan, is a career planning guide designed to help you get out of the career hot seat and back into the job market. Based on the VIPER approach, The YOU Plan will help you: -Assess Values -Identify Intrinsics -Pursue Passions -Leverage your Essence or brand -Create… Read More
"Self-knowledge" has different meanings accroding to school of thought, period in time and personal understanding. Read More
What will be your legacy? is a powerful poem which is taken from a collection of inspirational poems titled provocative poems. This collection of poems is a highly provocative collection of motivational poems which challenge the reader to harness their inner power so that they may use it to achieve… Read More
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