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Don't be fooled by the apparent innocuous nature of cunningly devised propagandist deceit.... Read More
I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 8th poem set, Chosen Fate. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A reflection of isolation and the pain caused by invisible strife. Read More
Accept the question of ‘change’ and let the magic and marvel unravel. The question of change is the key, which opens the doors of life-living wellness and personal excellence. The book is about unleashing your potential by simply unlocking the consciousness. Won’t you open the doors, if someone knocks to… Read More
My first attempt at a Pindaric ode. Perhaps best suited to being a prologue to a longer play of sorts. Read More
Developing a sense of self integrity. Read More
Non Being’s Positive Side Chap 6 Being What Is Not (I Self) While Not Being What Is (Me Self). What makes humans unique is that they have selves, an I-self and me-self. The origin of meaning can be traced to the intermingling of these selves in the I/me couplet. The… Read More
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