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A young Polish family travel across Europe to find their salvation Read More

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A short story about the consequences of the One-Missile War, an alternative history to what we now know of as the Cold War. Read More
A review of Taylor Downing's account of the endgame of the Cold War focussing on the events of a single pivotal year. Read More
In 1969, at the height of the Cold War, historians Adrian Coombe and Tulpe Vellum are cruising down the Rhine in search of mediaeval artefacts for their University. Eccentric Carolingian Judge von Metzenburg persuades them to take him immediately to the Black Forest Frankenrichter Court House in exchange for valuable… Read More

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Phoebe is far from normal. Somehow having acquired the ability to control and manipulate radioactivity as well as actually BEING literally radioactive, she is forced to run from the C.I.A. But trouble always has a way of finding its way into her life.... COMMENTS ON YOUR OPINION PLEASE!!!! Read More
Ever feel like your day just wasn't right, something you can't quite put your finger on? We all have, but Neil might have a fix for that. Or maybe he's to blame in the first place... Read More
an alternate history of if cold war became world war three. Read More
The events that are described in this story happened in the beautiful seventies, the years of my youth. Later this time was announced as a stagnation period, which had been transferred in the middle eighties into Perestroika and finished with the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991. How… Read More
Two superpowers are locked in a second cold war. Gone is the terror of nuclear power, A new weapon of mass destruction has been discovered. A seemingly innocuous crystal contains impossible power. A ragtag group of bounty hunters have a dangerous run in with a group of contractors employed by… Read More
John's novel, ‘A Wolf in Berlin: Operation Red Comet’, is a historical-political thriller, which is set in West Berlin during the cold war. John uses his experience as an Investigator to tell a story which accurately portrays the working practices of Military Police at a time when Investigators pitted their… Read More

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Guns will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through times with no guns. Read More

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This is a true story of a successful Berlin Wall Escape in August of 1986, where Three American Soldiers helped an East Berlin Woman Escape in to West Berlin, where she obtained her freedom. Read More
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