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13 Days is a film directed by Roger Donaldson about this Cold War. Here, I analyze the movie's strong and weak points, and identify its historical strengths. Read More
In an alternative 1963, the smaller states across the Iron Curtain are suddenly and unexpectedly called to battle as the western powers engage in a brutal war against the USSR. Colonel Leskinen emerges as the sole survivor of a conflict in north-eastern Finland, and by some miracle, finds his way… Read More
An in-depth look into how the onset of spreading communism in the Eastern Bloc affected American society as well as FBI domestic policy. Read More
This was my social studies homework so yeah. Laurenz always lived behind the Berlin Wall. He was always watched, always guarded, always on some form of lockdown. He could only imagine how wonderful his cousin's life is. That is until his father and brother take him for a wild ride… Read More
A beautiful morning in a sleepy little bayside bungalow rapidly goes awry. Read More

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January 07, 2014

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Ivan and Yvette Chomsky are Ukrainian scientists with unique talents and in their time with the Russian Parapsychology unit in Lipetsk 470 km south of Moscow. There two boys Dragon and Alexei remember little of their childhood in Odesa but still have grandparents living in the coastal city. It is… Read More
Secret weapons of the Cold War. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Post apocalyptic Britain through the eyes of premium veteran broadcaster, Terry Wogan. Don't hold your breath for chapter two .... but y'never know ... Read More
If your country is sandwiched between 2 opposing superpowers wanting you, well, practically forcing you to join their cause and you want to stay neutral for the good of your people, what do you do? Revive an ancient ninja society and revamp its use for this extended cold war as… Read More
Narrated in the first perosn by Communism himself- Katie and Katya live during the Cold War, one in Soviet Russia, the other in the USA. One with all the privileges of life and the other turns slowly into an empty shell.. Read More
A short paragraph and then a set of links that build the most important ideas of the title. Read More
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