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A story inspired by Coldplay's music video, Magic. Author's Note: I am very much pleased to publish my first story, especially that I put a lot of work and time into it. Yes, it contains parts of the music video, but that's the whole point. Warning: The story contains alcohol… Read More

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This is for Sparrow01's Contest, and I chose Paradise by Coldplay because I love that song. Please comment, like and read! Thanks. This is the link where I got my interpretation: Read More

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Don't we love rock music and rock musicians? Here is a poem that expresses all this! Read More
Fanfiction of Chris Martin and Coldplay. Based off in parachutes era. Read More
I'm in one of those moods again. Read More

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December 02, 2011

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Chris Martin of Coldplay falls for a photographer but can she commit when all she's ever known is running away from what scares her the most? love Read More
I went through a phase a while ago of writing short stories inspired by songs I listened to as a way of breaking through Writer's Block and this is one of those short stories. It was inspired by Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida'. Hope you enjoy it :] Read More

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this poem was written by me during a school activities week that i chose to do creative writing, me and a teacher were challenging ourselfs to write poems with a strict structure one we came up with was this where we use lines from songs that tie together and make… Read More
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