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A bolt of lightning fried our modem, un-plugging me from the Matrix for a few days and this short story was the result of having plenty of quieter time to think. I'm sure there are plenty of little nagging mistakes that I missed, or places that it could have been… Read More
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Poem / Poetry

May 01, 2019

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What should die is reanimated. Read More

Short Story / Horror

October 05, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Featured Review by Sue Harris

"Superbly written, Hully... full of tension and intrigue. I like the way you drip fed clues as to the setting, allowing readers to fill in pieces..." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Do we have anything to fear? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What is wrong with this picture? Read More
I wrote this, in 2008. It's part of my 2nd lyric set, Illuminated Shadows. Read More
A war stricken, disease infected post apocalyptic world pushes the last survivors to fight for their survival. Read More
It is not about existential angst. The feeling that our life may be meaningless. I don't mind meaningless. There's so much beauty in life, birds singing, a forest, a river flowing through it, the bugs in the earth. I love life so much that I don't want to damage it.… Read More
War mongers control society and destroy freedom. Read More
Darkness has descended upon the world; the fabric of society has been torn asunder, sovereign nations collapse under their own burdens, once stable governments are ushered into revolution and allies of old are thrust into war. The tentacles of darkness have inevitably traveled across the Atlantic and are now tightening… Read More
Yeah, we had to a poem for class with the words "my heart breaks and my world shakes" and i decided to use September 11th which really did shake my world. Read More
Blair Ki always knew she was different but she manages to convince herself it was just her imagination. One day at school things go wrong- and she gets sent off to Camp Keywell where she's lured to the dangerous Blackfalls by a strange cave and discovers a prophecy that just… Read More
One man and his dog at the end of the world. Read More
Just a brief that I wrote as a reply to a believer that things America is blessed when the nation has been cursed by God. Read More
Let’s see if this sounds familiar: Rome started as a small city-state, but grew to conquer the European continent and beyond. Internally, the city of seven hills suffered from several major economic crises, civil war and revolts. These problems were quelled by a focus on near constant external war. Eventually… Read More
Carriad Finley is a perfectly normal, (yet popular) girl. She gets good grades, works hard, but always puts her social life first. One day, the collapse of a total stranger puts her on edge. Charlotte Elias had had a heart transplant when she was five. She knew she only had… Read More
Raven Smith could never ever be normal. As a young child she was stripped of that's innocent when she watched her father die. Now, as a teenager she'd grown into something beyond any expectation, She uses, she slaughters, she kills. The Innocent girl who had given her own food to… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

December 29, 2009

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on a planet in a different galaxy, people survive in an underwater dome, but when that threatens to collapse, the people are in a panic. Read More
Based on the television format "The Weakest Link" with the UK presenter Ann Robinson in charge, this is a little story of how a certain individual might be affected by that presenter's vitriol. Read More
Death evades a teenager attempting suicide, as after each "death" he is transported to oddly-familiar worlds. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rememberance day for 9/11 after remembering the losses of loved ones by many and of my own. Read More
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