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Oliver hears that Naomi is dating a frat bro named David. When Oliver sees Naomi and David during a bar crawl, his jealousy and rage inadvertently reveals his vampirism to his friends. Naomi gradually realizes how much of a worthless rebound David is. Kelly tries to get up the nerve… Read More
Roy turns twenty-two, so he brings Oliver to a birthday dinner with his parents. Things go awry however, when Oliver is forced to stay the night at Roy’s house and go to church the next morning, while hiding the fact that he’s a demonic creature of the night. Charlie notices… Read More
Roy grows tired of Oliver's sulking and self-hatred, so he brings her to a party. Roy's crush invited him to a house party, where Roy hoped to make a move on her. Kelly was invited to the same house party by her roommate, and it's here where she tries to… Read More
"don't miss out on something that could be amazing just because it could also be difficult." Read More
Oliver ventures off to take revenge on Charlie, but ends up learning the ropes of how to be a successful vampire. Roy teams up with Naomi to find Oliver and they bond over their mutual problems with him. Kelly Facebook stalks Oliver while enduring teasing from her annoying roommate and… Read More
In the series premiere of Bloodless, Oliver Shine's girlfriend Naomi breaks up with him. As if things aren't bad enough, his drug dealer transforms him into a creature of the night, and he now has to navigate his last semester in college as a monster, and he can only do… Read More

Short Story / Horror

January 05, 2019

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The color blue has terrorized Mia's life ever since her brother told her about the legend of a creature of the same name. When she sees a campus blue light emergency phone in the distance, Mia must face her fears and run through the light, or be consumed by the… Read More
Have you ever thought about what defines you? What makes you the person you are today? If your friends were to describe you in one word, what would it be? After you thought about the thing that represents you, I want you to ask yourself. What happens when something comes… Read More
Neko a college student has had difficulty trying to find the right man. His glass hart is easy to brake. Fortunately and unfortunately his beloved grandmother got lost walking on the motorway where he met the motorbike boy. Read More

Script / Humor

November 30, 2018

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ms. dracula" is a 3-act comedy about a feminist vampire (madeline fang; aka ms. dracula) who "enrolls" in a remote college in the foothills of wyoming. wanting to outdo count dracula, her goal is to prove her power by turning the student body and faculty members of a religious college… Read More
Alison had always crushed on her best friend's sister from afar. However, what happens when Tiffany returns from college? Read More
how would you feel if you were sent an email asking you if you were dead, and the sender was none other than your mother. Read More
With technology innovation, human life is getting easier and they can do their jobs faster. Innovations such as computers and the Internet, more people, especially in middle-aged people who want to add their skills, are given the opportunity for a good education. This new technique, called learning online education or… Read More
Evelyn is just trying to enjoy her sophomore year of college. But something has happened the summer before, something that has changed her for the worse. No one seems to understand, and she goes further off of the deep end. What will it take for Evelyn to reveal her secret… Read More

Script / Romance

October 18, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Procrastination has brought Vanessa to having to finish an art project by tomorrow, but can she do this when the annoying Cory comes to bother her? Read More
You EARN your spot in like Read More

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How do you finance a higher education these days? Well - creatively. But one young woman never identified by name wants people to understand a little more about living life as a "sugarbaby" (the kept mistress of a wealthy "sugardaddy") - and so she starts a blog to explain… Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 21, 2018

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I think I'm suffering my halfway point to my mid-life crisis. Read More

Book / Romance

September 21, 2018

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Have you ever wondered, what would happen, if you decided to leave everything you've accomplished and start a new life somewhere far away from home? Well, Angie is a girl, who did just that. Tired of busy life, her intrusive mother and over controlling boyfriend, she finally packs her bags… Read More
Summer waves goodbye from the coastline Read More
What happens when you come and dinner is served - but it's not what you expected? Read More
A portion of my thoughts from my last week home up to my first night in the college dorms. I'm not too far, about an hour and a half away, but it's enough for me to feel outside of my normal. And then I think of others, the ones… Read More
The purpose of this literature review is to highlight the recent articles and findings pertaining to the implementation of assistive technology in the school setting, while focusing specifically on how this technology can be used as a beneficial tool for students diagnosed with mood and anxiety disorders. Read More

Short Story / Romance

August 12, 2018

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Every time I think I’m over you, my dreams tell me I’m not. And last night, we got the farthest we ever did – an unexpected kiss. Read More

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Comparing a common theme found in the book "After the Fire" by Robin Gaby Fisher and my life. Overcoming hardships and self-acceptance Read More
Gisou has had a wonderful and rich upbringing. But when Carsania becomes entwined in civil war, she and the other royals must relocate to stay safe. Thus, Gisou begins her life as an average college student in America. Read More
My reflections on why I picked the college I decided to go to! Read More
(This is my first Story like this) A first Person styled tale about a college aged Brit in the sub-urban America. She is back home on Summer Break and has reunited with some old high school friends. Follow them through the summer of love, heart break and friendship. Read More
Eastwood High is where i will be studying my freshman year and i thought i would make good memories in college. But Wesley Rodriguez had other plans BULLYING is one of the worst thing that i have gone through during my high schools years. But i have learned to… Read More
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