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this is about my experience on following dreams realistically and exactly what that means. i'll be talking a lot about my somewhat normal and stressful life, and hope that my journey might make yours a little easier and provide mutual insight to help everyone who is working on themselves and… Read More
Andy's life is a bit of a mess, especially after she created an ad campaign to spite her toxic ex-girlfriend. So, what's with all of the billboards? Read More
Shraddha was an accident. She wasn't meant to be born, but she was. After her father is stripped of his title, Shraddha lives with her broken-hearted, but vengeful mother, where she grows and matures. A chance encounter with her father, however, brings Shraddha into a world she did not want… Read More

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October 11, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Charlie doesn’t have a care in the world. But when bad news comes, he manages to make the worst of a bad situation. Follow Charlie and his comrades in this pathetic but dank adventure. Read More

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August 19, 2020

"I could help you plead your case to the chancellor,"-Alexa shook her head to stop staring at him mindlessly-"but you must do something for me in exchange." He spoke calmly, almost thoughtfully. "Of course! Professor Sawyer, thank you so much." Gratitude filled her and smiled at him. His lips twitched… Read More
In the season two finale, Oliver is forced to find a job so he can pay for college next semester, but finds where he ends up less than satisfactory. Kelly entertains an offer from Charlie. Roy grapples with how to get closer to the Lord again. Sheffield prepares for the… Read More
Looking back... Looking back you see so many things about the relationships you've had with people. The more tricky are those with the opposite sex. This book is a collection of short stories based on real experiences - mine and others' experiences. I'm sharing them in hopes that one… Read More
Oliver and Naomi are forced to move Colton to a remote location after a P.I. begins poking around about his whereabouts, Charlie and Nancy endeavor to get the nurses' union on their side in a move against Caldwell, and Stephanie and Andy attend an ill-advised "going away" party for Andy. Read More
Oliver investigates who is behind the sudden influx of discreet blood commerce in Evanston. Kelly tries to throw Oliver off the scent, while she deals with guilt over her involvement with Caldwell. Sheffield hounds Charlie about his construction spell. Read More
Recovering from her heartbreak, college student, Megan decides to lose her virginity to anyone she doesn't have an emotional connection to. Lucky for her, she meets Shaun, who seems keen on the idea too. However, getting there proves a little more challenging than she thought. Read More
Oliver and Naomi obsess over finding Colton in the weeks since he’s gone missing, so they can prevent him from hurting more people. Roy joins protests against police brutality in Chicago and is harassed by CPD due to his suspected involvement in the death of Harold Lennon. Stephanie and Andy… Read More
Oliver is forced to turn Colton to save his life, and then help Naomi with the aftermath. Charlie feels underappreciated by Caldwell, so he aims to prove himself valuable to his business partners in Davie's Sports Bar. Kelly struggles with a decision over whether to help Caldwell or not. Read More
Prompted by the title. Cover image: Read More
Oliver becomes crueler as his addiction to human blood gets worse. Roy decides to embrace nihilism in the face of misfortune. Sheffield and Tricia negotiate with Charlie to rent the land he owns for the new Davie's Sports Bar. Kelly struggles with her magics. Read More
Daisy Graves and Ezra Cox have hated each other from the day Daisy was born - that was their cliché. But when their sole mutual friend Joel drinks his way to a car crash he shouldn't have survived, and hosts a pretend funeral to find out what the people around… Read More
Naomi asks Oliver to get pain pills for Colton, and so Oliver is forced to team up with Charlie to do just that. Kenny and Jackie team up to extort money from Roy. Colton suffers from pain after a major biking accident puts him in the hospital. Read More
Why is it that women fear their bodies, whereas men embrace the freedom it brings? Here's a chat I had with my niece about women masturbation. Her view will shock you! Read More
Oliver hears of her sister’s plans to apply to Northwestern and tries his utmost to dissuade her. Sheffield is approached by an old club-owner in his late 60s named Lindsay with an offer to invest in Davie’s Sports Bar, since the quarantine has cut off the club’s money supply. Charlie,… Read More
Love, at first sight, is a very romantic notion. Your eyes meet and that's it, you fall head over heels and spend the rest of your lives together. Not! The reality is that love at first sight requires more work than, well, ordinary love that grows gradually over time. How… Read More
Oliver and Kelly quarantine together during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and during this they can’t help but re-litigate the twists and turns of their tangled relationship. Read More
Oliver develops a cold, which confuses him as this is usually impossible for vampires, but with fear of a coronavirus pandemic on the rise, Oliver’s illness gets much unwanted attention. Charlie’s stewardship of Second Window has driven it into the ground- and Illinois’ legalization of weed has made his job… Read More
A Non-Fiction book about the life and crimes of American serial killer Ted Bundy, in the 1970's, and 1980's. Read More
Rox has made a terrible mistake. After a heavy night drinking she wakes up to find she's slept with her brother's best friend, the guy she says she detests. She just can't remember what made her do it. Not all mistakes turn out bad. Roxanne and Logan haven't had the… Read More
Have you ever thought of enrolling at a college? Maybe Yale or Loyola? Well, you should read this before enrolling. I will explain how it’s a huge waste of time and money to go to a private college and why you should go to a community college instead. Read More
Oliver and Kelly recover from their tumultuous trip to Transylvania, only to confront sexual tension at home, bolstered by Charlie's machinations. Sheffield screens his 3-hour short film epic "The Ferret in the Room" and is disappointed by the response. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Oliver, consumed with guilt and concern over failing grades, tries to make amends with his friends and seek a new creative outlet. Roy becomes concerned that Jackie is manipulating him into having sex with her. Sheffield desperately tries to find a venue to screen his new movie in. Read More
A short story about a group of seven college mates who help each other to tackle the difficulties of growing older through an experiment of group living. Read More

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