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Everybody has their moments. The moments we want to last forever. The moments we wish we could re-live until we memorized every detail from the clothes were wearing to the tint of each flower petal. But it doesn't work like that. We get one shot to do it right, to… Read More

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October 10, 2013

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Because this story has just begun and will continue to evolve from the original I can just give a grasp of what it entails. The mood of the story is something of two people from different and almost opposing religions falling in love. It was inspired by real individuals and… Read More
Many a times, we do things in life we can’t really explain; to others; and sometimes even ourselves. People tag us as weird, crazy and insane. ‘Have you fucking lost it?!’ ‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ We hear such stuff, sometimes we try and explain but most of the… Read More
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