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When a heartbroken girl tries to turn a player into a gentleman without falling love with him, things aren't going as well as planned. Read More
Kieran Elliot's seventeen year old heroin addicted sister, Minka, overdosed again. At first Kieran's upset- who wouldn't be? But she soon sees the bright side- Brooke. She befriends Brooke when the ambulance comes to tend to Minka, and Kieran slips outside trying to get away from everything. Was Brooke helping… Read More
This song was made by the band Muse and was led on to the soundtrack of The Twilight Sage:Eclipse.Since it's one of my fave songs,I decided to write down the lyrics. Please listen to the song while reading lyrics. ;) Read More
A young man is driving to his girlfriend's house when the world ends. Read More

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January 12, 2007

when to heart collide, it can be wonderful or it can be devastating Read More
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