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These stories were written by me, Faye Collum Fairley. I found dates, places, times, events, photos, and with a knowledge of Google search, turned these into these accounts of my ancestors. Read More
This was written on July 11, 2014 All facts, data, circumstances, places, names, and reports are correct. Read More
This story was written on July 23, 2014. Names, facts, places, dates, culture, and information are all correct. Read More
written August 4, 2014 true account of ancestors.....facts, dates, times, names, culture, place, and experiences are all correct. Read More
This is a compilation of facts, dates, culture, data from research, and names combined with creative writing. This story was written November 19, 2014. Read More
This is a compilation of facts, dates, time, place, culture, and research data combined with a modicum of creativity. it was written July 31, 2014 Read More

Tags: death, war, young, collum

This is a true story of ancestors, compiled by gathering facts, data, timeline, culture, etc. this story was written July 13, 2014 Read More
This is a true story, composed from dates, time, culture, names, and documented data. this story was written Aug 25, 2014 Read More
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