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Colonel is a senior military officer rank below the brigadier and general officer ranks. The first use of colonel as a rank in a national army was in the French "National Legions." By the late 19th century, colonel was a professional military rank though still held typically by an… Read More
Colonel Patrick J Rhatigan is the current 19th Airlift Wing Commander serving at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. He has worked at many respectable positions in his successful professional career. Some of his positions include, Chief, Mobility Programs Integration Branch, Speechwriter To The Secretary Of The Air Force, and… Read More
This is a fictional poem. Read More
Colonel Patrick Rhatigan is a highly dedicated and responsible Commander at 19th Airlift Wing, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. Rhatigan said, “I got involved with the military because of the teachers I had in high school,” His teachers asked him that how he will be going to pay… Read More
A piece of creative writing with some facts and my own ideas of world war 1.... Enjoy :D Read More

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Old Jack; buried under the guilt of his tormented past, was a living dead man. On that fateful day an amateur criminal kidnapped his former girlfriend for ransom, but he didn't know something big was waiting for his and his girlfriend's fate. Jack intervened, the history was repeating itself. Will… Read More
Everyone knows about Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist. The youngest State Alchemist, or otherwise known as a genious. And if they know about Ed, they've probably heard of Alphonse Elric, Ed's younger brother. Enter, a new story, a young girl with long blonde hair and golden eyes, adopted at birth… Read More
Funny Short poem written a few months ago inspired by current news articles. Read More
Explain the significance of November 11th 11:00am "Remembrance day". This was for school. Read More
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