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As the war for America's freedom stretches on, Emmeline Reed is sure that she knows exactly what she stands for. Her brothers fight in the British Royal Army. Her father is a British Major. In every way, she is the ideal example of what a Loyalist young lady ought to… Read More
(Title and cover temporary.) Katherine is a spunky colonial girl who was orphaned. She was taken under the wing of Mrs. Marshall, the wife of a plantation owner. However, Mrs. Marshall's motives are anything but altruistic. As Katherine must dance between the intersecting webs of responsibility and happiness, where will… Read More
Roslynn Sherwood cannot let her brother die. Simon had done some terrible things, and he deserved to pay, but when their own father signs his execution, a broken Roslynn will do everything in her power to set her brother free - eve if that means making a deal with… Read More

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Short tale about a witch. Read More
NOTE: This work contains graphic physical and sexual violence, racial slurs, foul language and generally a dark tone. The prologue concerning Isabella Guerra, a character from an upcoming illustrated series 'The Trans-Oceanic Adventures of Captain Throatcutter.' Read More
A tale of the Ipogot headhunters of the Northern Philippines, during the Spanish colonial era. Read More
A story about a young Indian girl from colonial times. It follows simultaneously the story of the liberation of a nation from it's colonial oppressors and the birth of a child also born from the lust of the colonials. Read More
My 2009 NaNo. A colonial love story, includes action as well. Trinity is supposed to be married and she knows that Eli is an unsuitable match. Taylor tries to win her over. Unexpected events change things for the better. Read More
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