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The intrepid expedition of the human fleet has survived the Ring of Storms, but tensions continue to rise amidst the sailors and retainers, how long will it take until they reach the breaking point? And can they find a safe port before it all comes tumbling down? Read More
The Human sailors have done the Impossible. They crossed the edge of the world, the Ring of Storms, surely the worst is behind them now right?...Perhaps not, a twinge of uncertainty looms over everyone. After all, in this new world everyone has a chance to start anew and get their… Read More
Deep into the vast and uncharted water of the Roaring Sea, a desperate fleet of carracks makes their hastened escape from their war thorn land, seeking refuge in the unknown. Leading this band of miserables are the Illustrious and adventuring, Queen Miria, the mad zealot, Count Jameston and the Wandering… Read More
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