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The winning AOTW for Monday, March 25, Must-Have Clothing for a Spring 2013 Wardrobe. Read More
Everyone enjoys a good love story - boys, don't you pretend you've never watched the Notebook with your significant other and secretly enjoyed it! These are the top 15 most touching romantic dramas that are bound to capture your heart. Read More
The Anonymous Advice responses for Thursday, March 21! If you sent in any questions, look below for your response. A big thankyou to all of our fans and Booksie friends! - A Read More
I was so excited to see that two people sent in e-mails requesting advice! It's not a large turnout, but it's definitely a start. Here are the Anonymous Advice for Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Enjoy! - A Read More
Take a look here to find out how to submit anonymous questions, where, and when they will be responded to! - A Read More

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Article of the Week! First edition, please read to vote for next weeks topic as well as find out more about AOTW entries! Live, Laugh, Enjoy - A. Read More
This is a sample opinion column that I whipped up and sent to a local paper to see if I can be a student columnist. I was pretty pleased with the way that it turned out, but I know next to nothing about how opinion columns are supposed to sound,… Read More

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July 13, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

A group of young girls, me and their spit on my neck. The story of my wonderous walk home and how I ended up with phlegm running down my spine, and their connection to the chess game of violence. Read More
Me waffling again, this time about the topic of Spare Time Read More
We all need a little advice! Come here to leave your problem and others may be able to help! Read More
I write a Technology column in my school newspaper. This is an article about the new fun "Stumble Upon" program. Read More
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