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"There’s only one rule in combat that really matters to an Infantryman: kill or be killed." From Iraq, to Afghanistan, and to Iraq again, a veteran of the Vietnam-era recounts his personal wartime experiences after signing back up in the Army to join in America's war on terror. Read More
you will never know whom you meet at a bookstore, or how things will work out for you or them. Read More
Evil Cultists. A kidnapped girl. Aand a group of guys looking to change that. 100% Action Read More
A low ranking solder is on the front lines of a war humanity has recently been thrust into. Joining the military to fight for the safety of the Terran Federation they quickly start to question why they are there and what the motivations of the unknown enemy might actually be. Read More
Justin is just finding his place in the world, when everything turns upside-down. Now, if he is to have a future, he must leave behind everything and everyone he loves and go fight an enemy that isn't supposed to exist. Read More
In Mayhem 337, Rickard, an embedded U.S. Army Infantry Combat Advisor, powerfully recounts his experiences during a nine-month period of intense combat deep in the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan. His graphic account guides you through fierce combat from the streets of Khost City, to deadly mountain warfare while based at… Read More

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The Veterans House

Combat veteran comes home, but something doesn't come back with him...and yet something new does. Read More
A short story I am currently working on, its based on revenge and its all happening in naval combat. Read More
this is a new book that I am working on and will publish in the next 2 years. Credit Andrew Schlotterer. He was my editor. Read More

Tags: humor, war, combat

Sequel to Daybreak Dreamer. A Japanese master fighter of an ancient martial art once used for professional assassination jobs and now used to refine the soul and character, he lost everything overnight to the enemy mafia and also a rouge senior schoolmate of his martial arts school who discovered… Read More
A transcription of an announcers comments of a fight between Nulfl and Lukea. Read More
A young boy named Angelus fresh out of the Exorcist academy posted to his first combat role with his best friend ready to the war to the demons! Read More

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The Science Fiction House

The year is 2048. Humanity has achieved a feat that it has striven for for several decades. A virtual world capable of unlimited programming. This technology exists entirely within the hands of U.S. military. Under the guise, "Project Shadow", soldiers practice live combat within a simulator capable of creating a… Read More
This is the first chapter of a short story I hope to finish in the next few months. I am looking for any comments on what I've done. Thanks for reading! Read More
An infantryman writes about a harsh experience in the war of 'Nam [Fictional]. This was meant to be labeled Flash Fiction, in the short story area. Written and edited by the Ghost-Bull. Read More
A tale of a Dragon and an Outcast, and what it means to face the fate delivered to you. A tale of the Cycle without end and how the struggles of the Arisen, the Pawn Legion and the Dragon all conspire to bring Gransys full circle again and again.… Read More
I wrote this years ago for an anthology. Enough time has passed that I figure I can reprint it here. Read More
I felt inspired to write about the former greatness of Britain, and this happened. I wrote this poem on 17/03/2016 - so exactly a year and 3 months ago on the day that I am publishing it here. I had to edit it a bit as it didn't read well,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

On the planet Utopia in the Queens galaxy, Cameron Moriantes is taken out of his foster home and brought to a research institution for people who have developed "abilities". almost instantly he is enlisted in "squad 37" a group of five members who simply put represent the institution as the… Read More
I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 7th poem set, Opened Obstruct. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 15, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Hully's gonna put up a fight! Read More
Two British soldiers try to survive an attack on German positions that went wrong. Read More
Part five of a seven part addition to the Rose Houston Saga. Sergeant First Class Rose Houston’s patrol is ambushed. Read More

Tags: patrol, combat, ambush, ied

Part four of a seven part addition to the Rose Houston Saga. In this part, Houston and Austin accompany a unit of Iraqi police officer on a patrol and engage the enemy in combat. Read More
Kyle Ranston has decided to take a simple trip to Vancouver, in Canada. But the uprising war between Canada and China has gotten quite aggressive. While the world is at war, Kyle heads into Vancouver, one of the most popular Canadian cities ever. And he has no clue of what… Read More
I have an appreciation for what it feels like to live with danger, be shot at have soldiers killed and injured by enemy fire, i have also seen and treated civilians hurt and killed in accidents. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a dangerous and debilitating disorder for all walks… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Story about a group of soldiers being evacuated from a so-called hot L.Z. Read More

Tags: war, vietnam, combat

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