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This is a story about me and my friends and a road trip and ghosts. This story is work of fiction but it based on real abandoned locations we have been to and some we have seen videos of on the internet and real experience we ourselves or other… Read More
Rob's father tracks him down and comes to visit, Hannah enrolls in an acting class without Whitney's knowledge and Miles grows frustrated as he continues not to receive credit for bringing in CBS studios Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The story follows a boy and a girl of the same age. Both of them have a complex past. Both have complex emotions. The girl is famous, popular, well respected at their school. The boy is a nobody. Read this story of a boy and girl, who are mirror… Read More
They thought it was over. They thought all the evil was dead and gone, but was it? Will it stay forever? Emily and Jimmy are now happily married, with an infant son who will never age. Those two and the others, Matt (M Shadows), Brian (Synyster Gates), Johnny, Zacky,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Badland is an unforgiving place. Every day it chews up the toughest of folk and spits them back out broken and bloodied, or worse. The sun will cook you alive, animals will rip you to shreds, and the only way people know how to defend themselves against the… Read More

Book / Romance

August 13, 2018

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Michael Strecklin is a multi-millionaire bachelor who had 12 wives in his life. Now he has his sights set on having Amy Arlington, a beautiful everyday girl, to be his 13th wife. But life turns completely upside down compared to what Michael had in mind, which makes… Read More
An excerpt from my latest book: The Self Proclaimed Inspector. You can find the rest of on the Barnes on Noble Online Store, just search for "The Self Proclaimed Inspector.' Read More
Recommend watching Peter Pan Goes Wrong Full Movie on YouTube. Inspired me to write this, thanks. Read More
In Olympus, no one knows how to party quite like the Gods. There is much to celebrate since the dawn of the Gods has never been mightier. Chaos strikes when the God of the Underworld falls in love for a forbidden Goddess. Join me in this modern tale of… Read More
McKenzie's 24th Birthday Party is thrown at her house, where she takes issue with Kevin's constant joking, Lilly finds it strange how distant Rob is around McKenzie & Kevin, Noel argues that Bonnie should finally reveal their relationship and Ryan is wracked with guilt over causing Ashton's death. Things… Read More
Exaa and His Father Read More

Book / Science Fiction

August 07, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Follow Ken and Rhymu Whiulyst as they partake in forbidden love and escape to Chikla, home of The Intergalactic Protection Force where Ken gets a job as part of Unit 4. Read More
This story is a continuation of Dana Illwind and Sorcerer Lord Jayden's adventures, first seen in Not Quite a Hero and Idiot's Graveyard. Expect dueling wizards, a fairytale come to life, and as in most of my stories, silly goblins. Read More
A pirate enters a Generic story. She hates Genetic stories so she changes it. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Liz loves her job, really she does, but sometimes the journey to get there... and the work... and everything about it just sucks. She's always wanted someone to spice up her life but she didn't expect an international spy gone rogue to do the trick. Witty, action-packed, and written… Read More
This story was originally meant for an anthology with Fellowship of Fantasy, but they declined the story. Rather than let it go to waste, I've decided to post it here. Enjoy the usual goblin related silliness. Read More
Ryan is invited to join a band by a lackadaisical stoner on his street, but soon finds out the tremendous risks involved, Luther meets a robotic young woman at a karaoke bar and Rob meets his match with an egotistical director CBS Studios picked up to do AstroManda Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The theory of vampire has started before the dawn of civilization. But no religion, scientist or any belief directly supports the existence of vampire. So they only live in the world of imaginations of writers and artists. First they were a topic of fear. But our creative writers and… Read More
You've now heard Jake's story - we now turn to see what Marcus has to say about his day. Find out about the bizarre dynamic between Jake's group and Marcus' group, find out the extremes to which they drive their insanity; most importantly, find out how the stories intertwine… Read More
Tired of the endless parade of cadavers presented as potential suitors by her father, Marcelle becomes disillusioned with love and the idea of marrying. Read More
Rob has to deal with the constant sexual tension between him and his new assistant, McKenzie Park, Whitney has a hard time finding a new studio after MGM drops out, so she hits the party circuit and Miles, feeling less and less valued by the day, follows a lead… Read More
This poem is dedicated to the first time I got stitches in my dumb self accidentally dropping a choir riser on my foot while wearing sandals....yep this is stupidity at its finest. Read More

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Hello everyone, hblovecraft here with a new book. In this book we will be going on a journey to the end of what we once thought we knew. During this journey we will be meeting many others some good, some bad, and some neither. We will have questions, we… Read More
A short radio play about the problems faced by a family and a painting bequeathed to them. Read More
A moderate praise for the millions of rucksacks out there, who are a travelers soul and shadow, inseparable- unless lost in an airline transit. Read More

Book / Humor

July 19, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Everybody loves their mother so do I but there are certain instances where you make her go mad which gives her minor heart attack! So this book is all about that. Have fun reading! Read More
How to assist when someone's having a breakdown. Read More
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