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The Booksie Classic House

A incomplete and short BATMAN script. It doesn't really go anywhere...its just an average night for BATMAN... Read More
This is just a quick--uncompleted--but quick BATMAN and ROBIN fanfiction. Bruce and Damian are on a field test, but things quickly go awry... Read More
To the many who died not knowing the many they have saved. To the failures who tried to change the world… …For better… …or worse… Read More
Welcome to the exciting world of Mister Citizen and his daring team of Argonauts! My blog chronicles the centuries-spanning heroics of Thomas Adam Smith, aka Mister Citizen, a man born during the Colonial Era of our country who took up arms against the British tyrants in defense of freedom and… Read More
A conversation between a man seeking answers, and man seeking to answer them. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The trouble father son relationship of Scott and Jamie Lannon brings out the worst in son Jamie as he grows into new abilities and chooses to use them on a darker path. Read More
The world is destroyed and its people are just starting to rise up in small communities. All over the land there is a plague of immorality consisting of slavery, cannibalism, and bandits with no one to stand up against it. At least until this ragtag group of people banded together… Read More
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