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A father has a heart-to-heart talk with his children. Read More

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meet sofi a young girl with a difficult problem she is havin trouble with keepin her secret yearnin for max away from her homophobic parents plus sofi is dealin with another harmful secret that might just push the girl she yearns for away find out what happens to sofi in… Read More
Wilfred, Julian and Peter are in an established and loving relationship. Everything is wonderful, save for the fact that Wilfred's parents still innocently believe that their son is straight as a nail. So Peter and Julian come to stay a couple of days at Sparrow Manor, and Wilfred cautiously tries… Read More
A.J. Caputa is a hard working, single mother to her four year old daughter, Emilie. With her little girl by her side she thought she had everything she could ever need- a good job, great family, close friends. And then she met Sam. Sam turned her life upside down, without… Read More
Having fallen for his team's biggest rival pitcher,Jack is having trouble focusing on winning the game when he has so much riding on a deal they made that Jack realizes he can't keep. Read More
This is the story of two girls, Lashae an in-the-closet lesbian and Crystal a vampire with her family breathing down her neck about finding a mate. Walk with Lashae as she goes through coming out, being accepted, finding love, and finding out a powerful family secret. Find out who Crystal… Read More
A bit of late night writing, so I may need to edit in the future, but it's basically just analogy. Read More
based off an experince from when I was still in school, and I fell pretty hard for a girl called Saffron. They say its these kind of experinces that help us to become better people, but I just felt like I wanted to write about it, though in a different… Read More
This is the story of two girls: one a fully recognized lesbian and the other, straight? Jane thought she’d had everything worked out: her study, social life and sexuality. That was until one Monday morning when she had a class with her friend Kahlan. This is when she realized her… Read More
Lisa has always kept it hidden. But she's afraid she'll freeze if she keeps it inside any longer. I wrote this after my friend, Liz, came out of the closet and her mother hit her and shattered a mug on the floor. The ice is the secret- and though it… Read More
If your parents would speak to me, this is what I would tell them... Read More
Two wandering cowboys find each other on a dude ranch in Wyoming. They try to ignore the feelings they have for each other, but soon realize true love conquers all. Read More
Riley Smart is a new girl at school and has no trouble fitting in. She quickly makes friends and searches for love. She soon has a crush on two boys in her grade; Max Levitt and Tim Lexington. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that Max is bisexual and has had a… Read More
this is the essay, really the memoir of the events that caused me to realize who i truly was. Read More

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A coming out story. Read More

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October 12, 2012

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A short poem about recovery and discovery. Read More
Young yet Old, What the Hell? is the very first poem, I have ever wrote. I wrote it when I was 15yrs old. At 15yrs of age, I came to the stark realisation that I was Gay. It was a very isolating and lonely time. This poem tells that story… Read More
When I was little, my big sister was the best person in the entire world. We use to chase each other, make funny faces and sometimes she'd let me play her piano. But things have changed. She's changing in ways that I don't understand. I hope she tells me what's… Read More
These are the characters for my story My first girlfriend by Hanhhagurl97, Check it out please, and I love feedback! Read More
This is a reflective poem I wrote in the midst of coming out. I was remember being really frightened, that somehow I was revealing to all of my friends and family that the nice young man they new was now this foreign monster. Thus, I decided to write about it. Read More
For Danielle, the Closet Game controls most of her actions and words. Being surrounded by religious and closed-minded people requires one to be quite fluent in the ways of the Closet Game, or else they suffer the consequences of coming out... Read More
An acrostic poem about coming out. Read More

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I came out 6 years ago, but you are just starting that journey. I want to be there for you, but I can't make these choice for you. Read More

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*COMPLETE* In the sleepy outskirts of Burlington, Vermont, two boys from strikingly different households have managed to fall head-over-heels. Bryan Harris, straight A student and star track member is willing to do anything it takes to be with Shawn Carter, the only son of the Baptist pastor. Including giving his… Read More

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How to tell your doting Daddy that you haven't always been a girl. (A vignette riffing off Russel Gold's online novel, "Take A Lemon", which I wrote as an exhibit in a discussion elsewhere of certain aspects of many magically handwaved MtF transgendering stories, with special reference to Chris Hazelton's… Read More
the reason it is so hard for me to come out i just needed to get it off my chest Read More
the story of one of three people in the world that I was out of the closet with...and what happened when i told him Read More

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February 09, 2011

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Passing Love Notes. I miss you. Read More
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