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Book conveys a story about James and Jenna who are siblings. It a happy four some family when the routine is upset due to elder child having malaria and everyone in the family is very depressed. Story describes how little sister Jenna gets a way out and solves all hardships… Read More

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Help a wounded soldier. Vote everyday through March 3rd Read More
A challenge to get writers writing -- with the help of some musical inspiration! It's free inspiration and may even get some juices flowing for your own work! What will the song you pick inspire you to write? Read More
A private international organization, so called as the “Universal Defensive Treaty Organization” otherwise known as the U.D.T.O. has secretly assembled random personalities from all over the world in order to compete the “World Teen Challenge” in which 35 participants, 5 from each continent will compete with each other in means… Read More
This is explaing my love for my craft. I'm also saying that no matter how much you try to put me down I am always going to stay strong and never give up on my goals in life. Read More
I am deleting everything on this account. Sorry guys. But i do have another account on booksie so FIND ME IF YOU CAN!!!! OuO btw: I'm good at hiding so let the games begin :] ...Love. Peace. Weirdness. Read More
I wrote this poem for 'Books Rule' contest. I hope you guys like it and please comment on what you thought Read More

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Brook Taylor, a promising young college graduate and self pronounced entrepreneur, had trekked the Andes, scuba dived sunken ships, and competed in Iron Man Triathlons. He had the swagger of an all American athlete, and the drive of a young politician. He always excelled at every sport or competition, and… Read More
I, Samuel am picked to go to the Atlantis Olympian Games. These games are a death sentence to children on the country. Just in case I might die, I record things in this journal to share with you. Read More

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