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The Booksie Classic House

This is largely true. For the most part. It was true at one moment in life. One moment. How do we make friends? I wonder. The answer, well..ain't here. Read More
This article looks at why and how peope complain. Is complaining worth the stress or should we just keep calm and say nothing? Read More
Annoying neighbours? We've all had them, and some of us have unwittingly been them at some point! Vic and Maureen Grinham moved into a flat above 'Ye Olde Sweetie Shoppe' in Vernham village in 2010, when they made their intentions to reform the natives to their own liking very clear.… Read More
Madeline and Oliver go to Portland and Madeline finds out the real reason Oliver wanted to go there, Mrs. Stem snaps during KDGM which prompts the filing of a formal complaint against her and Ryan, Eric and Brennan are caught hanging out in Ryan and Eric’s bishop’s house Read More
A complaint letter I wrote Read More
This is more of a blog than anything else. I only submitted it as an article because hardly anyone reads 'miscellaneous' and I think this comes pretty close to being an article... or column... I don't know. But please, read on! Read More
We all question God from time to time. We are angry at him for all the shadows that he has cast unto us in the shape of war, murder, deceit and hunger. Just like Job's relentless question in the Book of Job, this poem is about our complaints to God. Read More
This is a little story me and my best friend Chanel wrote when she was over one night :) This is not a true story it was just a k=joke and i dont normal right like this. Read More
A complaint to Water Bottle company. (Was for School) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

People under 18 cant buy a bag of ice. I am planning to take this matter to someone who can change it... as soon as i find out who that is. =D Read More
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