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If life had went the way she wanted to, she would've made an honest career. If life had given her better talents, she wouldn't be playing with corpses for a living. If life hadn't given her the power to raise the dead, she'd be out of business. Necromancy, has it's… Read More

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August 16, 2019

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The The Imaginarium House

This isn't so much of a story, more of a concept of a possible future that was wrote in a short space of time. I gave myself an hour to write something in that hour and this is my finished story. Read More
This is a very rough draft of a movie concept I came up with. I am very new to dialogue, and open to the possibility of finding a co-writer. There are many gaps in the store that I want to fill visually, I have many notes on how certain scenes… Read More
If you take your mental flight by the Garden of Eden, down through Noah’s deluge and the separation of Abraham from his paternal home, in the pursuit of an Israeli race, and behold their wearisome trek together with their magnificent conquests and defeats... Read More
In my English 101 class we had to write a concept essay on Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. I chose the concept emasculation. There are several other concepts within the novel. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a recount of an experience. Depicted here are the moments before I died in an airplane crash, and what, in death, I found. Though I personally cannot call it such with any conviction, you may think of it as a dream. Read More
At Juggernaut's concept restaurant one veggie is celebrated at a time. Momo stir-fry on Mondays, Cho-Cho on Tuesdays and Baigan on Saturdays. Everyboidy is welcome at Juggernaut's. Read More
This is my story of PTSD. I went to Afghanistan as a Infantry team leader. I am a SGT in the 101st Airborne. The deployment was very rough for me. I got my purple heart by getting shrapnel in my right arm. I also developed brain damage. When I came… Read More
My new novel, "Where has the love gone?" will be posted in a few and I wanted to show the characters. The setting takes place back in 1976 in Detroit, Michigan, so I am trying to give the feel of what it felt like back then to be a struggling… Read More
This is a concept I'm trying to put out to others out there. I created a die based gaming battle system for those who enjoy written Role plays. I'm trying to find out if anyone likes the idea and would like to take part in it. If there's anything they… Read More
This a community project and I am the representative, if you want to contribute to this non-profit project, you can send your content to enrich this subject or other content to and we would publish in an ebook. This article is about a bad life issues. Read More
Deion and Darmaco his elder brother went on vacation to one of their lake houses in the state, to get their mind of reality,but when they got there they met something beyond reality, unluckily for one Darmaco friends he was invited to keep Darmaco company, they were in the vampires… Read More
There is a new concept in town, and it is called Theisticism. Read More
this is how I am trying to feel, searching for peace inside, though right now I have alot on my plate, I have to keep reminding myself to breath and be still. Read More
Prose, part two explaining the concept of 'Silktail Envyplums'. Read More

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January 24, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

a negative can only exist with a positive, visa versa.....................i think? Read More
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