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this story exposes the problems of political ideologies and displays a real situation. Read More

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A young girl, Anna, walks you through her life of anger and rejection by her parents. Her story of the hard relationship with her parents and the hurt a divorce can inflict on a child. But as she grows up, she discovers the endless possibilities of life... Based on true… Read More
Today we were gathered at the War Memorial in a hamlet called Kappel, which belongs to Freiburg, for it's Volkstrauertag, the day the people of Germany think and pray for the sons of Kappel (and other hamlets, town and cities) who fell in the two Great Wars. The World War… Read More

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This happens to everyone but you keep on moving forward no matter. Fall down get back up and learn from it. I forgive but I don't forget. Hind sight 20/20 another words. This is a compiled feelings of many in social situations. Read More
Battling against hypocrisies, sadomasochism and perfunctory pursuits of pop benchmarks of successes, he refuses the passion-oriented male worldview of karma and life’s purposes. Metamorphosed by compassion, that love’s innocence fills him with, he opts for a journey that takes him far away from the stupidity of self-worth, calculated in terms… Read More
Explains the depression and many other problems that many go through. Read More

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Legaiona, a world in the parallel universe, a fantasy world, contains modern technology but still remains the beauty of nature. They don’t find resources, they use magic. Every resident in Legaiona know magic, reason is the core of Legaiona is made up of Lambency Stone, a crystal filled with power.… Read More

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November 07, 2013


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Aubrey MacEwen was from the city; The Big Apple, and now she finds herself in a small, rich town with hidden conflicts and attractive people. She plans to hurry out of high school and immediately move back to the city, but what happens when she falls in love for the… Read More

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One boy can be trouble.. Two boys means a disaster And three boys will lead to total destruction... Lucida's mother, who is desperately trying to hang on to her youth, has gotten a new boyfriend, young Lukas who is way to young for Michelle, and way to hot to resist.… Read More

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I sort of lost myself and I'm still searching. But this poem helped me, Read More
She thought she had everything then she met him.. Then she met her and she thought she had everything.. Or so she thought she had everything.. Read More
Adventures and thoughts of a young teenage girl who realized the way through her troubled life is by smoking sweet Mary Jane. (May be a one shot. If you read it, COMMENT! Should I continue? Thanks!) Read More
A brief discussion about the practices sites like East of the Web employ regarding content submission. Read More

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September 05, 2008

I felt it; the warmth brush against my skin Read More

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December 03, 2007

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I was having an internal conflict with myself to tell my Super Guy I loved him. I didn't want to loose him if he didn't feel the same way. Read More
General Laws and Interpretation-Sultanate of Oman-Part I Author :Henrietta Newton Martin (B.Com, LLB(Gold Medalist),LLM(Gold Medalist),MMS(HR) etc Over the years,the Sultanate of Oman has witnessed radical changes in its legal system through varied laws and the interpretation of the laws. With special emphasis on the Oman labor law, this book delves… Read More
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