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The United States romances Mobutu Sese Seko and gives him everything. He finds happiness in what he always calls the defining relationship of his life - until the Soviet Union relegates itself to the past and Washington’s affection turns to indifference followed by disapproval. This is the story of what… Read More
Three stories about colonialism: I - Tale of Twas recalls a case of intra-colonialism - one group of Africans attempting to usurp the land of another group with catastrophic consequences. II - Tale of a Belgian Nun or the role of the church in colonial activities. III - Tale of… Read More

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This is the true story of my Childhood, and the adventures life I had as a young girl. I dedicate this story to my family and dear friends in Africa, D.R.Congo. TO BE CONTINUED! Read More
Luke commissions a painting of Kimberly for her 47th birthday, Ethan and Omar go to "rescue" Jacob from The Congo and Ryan deals with a break-in at Michelle's apartment Read More
Kimberly puts together a special Independence Day Celebration to celebrate Luke’s successful efforts to stay in the United States under a visa and Jacob tries to flee America and head to The Congo to see his girlfriend and Ryan spends Independence Day in Amherst with Michelle, where Michelle tries to… Read More
American Special Forces search for missing Americans in the Congo. Read More

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