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Congress and the President could have avoided the whole shut-down mess if they had followed a few basic principles, all of which are found in the Bible. Yeah, that's right, the Word of God.... Read More
Trying a different story line. --- This is a story about the king-ships that never ended and the power money brings.--- How much of it is true? You be the judge. Read More
It's a description of an unholy coalition between the Left Front and Congress in the Indian State of West Bengal. Read More
Heathen Anti-Christian America Haters led by a group of competing Anti-Christs try to take over America but one man promises reform. Read More
This is the first chapter in a story about a fictional Congressional office. I'm hoping to capture what's life like working in America's oft-confusing, frequently dysfunctional and always interesting House of Representatives. The characters are entirely made up and any resemblance to real people is most likely unintentional. Read More
Some sequestrations were unfair, some are necessary and few are essentail for the public good. Read More
It is time for America's wake-up call. Too long we have basked in the ignorance that we are a country with declining statistics on violence as making a safe citizens. Creating "Stand Your Ground", numerous "concealed weapon permits" is a stark indication citizens do not feel safe in America. Read More

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October 20, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Essay on the ins and outs of the 112th Congress Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Donahues go to Washington and confront Ryan, Michelle and Brennan for running away, but then decide to see the sights, Ryan and Michelle go to Capitol Hill, Ethan and Kimberly have protests outside the White House for different reasons, Jacob and Madeline get mugged in D.C. slums and President… Read More
In a lucid mindset, I began to reminisce over my past, present, and the future of my world, the economy, and the fate of the disillusioned hate which politicians seem to have for anyone who truly needs them... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dedication: To all U.S. Military Veterans and in commemoration of the annual American national holidays of Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4) and Veteran’s (Armistice) Day (November 11). While surfing the YouTube website to find some original recordings of old(ies), pre-Beatles rock ‘n’ roll songs, I… Read More
President Obama signed the health care bill in to law today. Why is their uproar regarding positivity? Read More
Our current method of taxation allows elected officials to maintain power over citizens. A consumption tax eliminates this. Read More
Grousings about the banishment of online poker in the U.S. Read More
The lion is wounded after being shot at and he is having an animal-congress to discuss what can be done about those awful creatures called humans .... Read More

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November 07, 2009

Congress is the Ultimate threat to the USA Read More
Rippin’ off the Folks (Sung to the tune of “Puttin’ on the Ritz”) If you’re poor and you don’t know where to go Why don’t you go where congress sits Rippin’ off the folks Different types were suits and ties And facades of perfect fit Rippin’ off the folks Dressed… Read More
An article about World wWar II and the Home Front... Read More
This short story/Essay deals with the fallacies of Stimulation of the American Economy and why jobs are created. Read More
This is a list of the Things I feel that Congress should not be doing. These items are specific to problems that are currently taking place in the Nstions Capitol. Read More
My most recent missive to the FOX Newschannel in exposing the duplicity of celebrity politicians and TV news people and the ways in which they manage to bilk a public which, for unknown reasons, continues to misplace it's trust in them. Will update this posting with whatever written or E-mailed… Read More
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