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Tale of the drowned is an ongoing story about pvt. Anthony fell, a us infantrymen during WW 2. during the battle of D-Day his Higgins boat was hit by artillery fire and capsized. During the sinking of the boat Pvt. Fell jumps out of the boat in an attempt to… Read More
Isaiah mentions Cyrus in the bible. This Cyrus was the servant of God to deliver the Jews from captivity, and get the temple foundations laid. Cyrus was doing great until he came up against the queen of the Massagetai. The book is by Herodotus, and is worth a read. Read More

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Falling was always the best part. The moment they reached the planet's surface, that’s when everything always went to hell. Read More

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July 22, 2015

The world of Ethia is nothing without it's troubles. The seven races of Ethia live together harmoniously, but when a new evil strikes the land, a new wae begins. Dwell into conquest, greed, and betrayal inside this novel! WIKI: Read More
Jim Draper’s Feast of Flowers is a multi-disciplinary project that critically investigates new ways of understanding Florida’s history, environmental aesthetics and the human place within the natural order. It is comprised of a collection of original paintings along with a digital anthology of collected works that seek to explain Florida’s… Read More

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The story of an aspiring man, set in a fantasy realm in a Victorian setting. It's his memory of his rise, and his fall. Read More
The fictional account of the real Yellow Emperor of Ancient China, and his adventures with the Yellow Dragon. My way of explaining why the yellow dragon was so revered above all other dragons. Read More

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a fantasy story about orphan brothers that arrive to the kingdom of Vayal with nothing but bitterness from their past. on its cover the story seems to be about conquest, but in the grand scheme of this story, conquest is just the first door the brothers must open, that will… Read More

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"City of Gold" was inspired by the true story of Francisco Coronado, a 16th Century Spanish conquistador and his determined -- yet desperate -- search for undiscovered treasure in the American Southwest. Travel back in time more than 400 years as this army of explorers, driven by greed and a… Read More
This is really quite depressing, but I really felt the need to express my thoughts on nuclear weaponry and the opinions of world governments towards them. Why does anyone keep ANY? This shouldn't be some penis size contest between leading powers, it should be a non-issue. No one should have… Read More
My ode to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It isn't my best work for sure, but I think it is a decent example of how I can get INTO detail. haha. Read More

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February 27, 2012

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a story of conquest desperation and forbiden love set in space the sneak preview chapter Read More

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{Title is tentative, all ideas welcome} Story of Faola, Celtic girl taken as a slave to Rome. I suck at summaries so please read the real thing :-) Please R & R with constructive critisism! Read More
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