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Achieving a just and livable society for a depends on politics, struggle, and consciousness. Read More
An old woman takes a new technology that provides her with a very unique experience. Read More
There are fundamental ideas of consciousness, cognition, intentionality, landscapes of information, intellect, body-mind processes, etc, which in their holism, form the basis of eligibility for your potential optimization and lasting wellness. This eBook invites you to witness your ‘I’ journeying into landscapes and dimensions of ‘Me’, for easy-simple actualization of… Read More
This is EMERGENCE; this is the magic of the Potential, the human brain and consciousness can engender, which most people do not fathom. As is natural to most people and as their faith makes them accept; they believe the ‘Magic’ as an ‘external’ intervention of God or other abstracted elements.… Read More
The human world has now sort of institutionalized insanity to such powerful and impregnable structural excellence that any voice of sanity and change shall be eliminated at very inception. The profit empires of a handful of only five percent of humans are so massive and deep rooted and they have… Read More
Realities need never be understood and accepted through the prism of ‘Happy Preferentiality’. Rather, most realities, as they present themselves to the intuitiveness of the media of consciousness, are essentially Value-Neutral – neither good nor bad; neither happy nor sad. Read More
Nature installs happy life, evolution seeks happy creatures, brain makes happy hormones, people always chase happiness and cultures work overtime manufacturing happy consumptions, still; happiness is elusive, ephemeral. Why? It is nature’s trap; a scam people live out, unaware. It breeds all criminality, depravity; kills sanity. The eBook busts the… Read More
Your reality is first where you direct your attention. That’s how you make it real. Read More
....and other metaphysical musings. Read More

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November 21, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Only in the US we will have a law for health care segregation. Any health care worker not willing to assist because of conscious objection, mostly by fear, will gladly step asside. No matter what the cause. It sounds good but in reality, its BS! If enough in a ward… Read More
If conscience exists, it exists in the intellect of the human. To be human is to allow the intellect to preside over the utility and worth of every important action-behaviour over the dimensions of time, space, people and processes. It is this necessary intellectual control of the instincts which makes… Read More
There is an embedded reason as why the poor God always has to be ‘Angry’. Somehow, the depraved and authoritarian oligarchy of humanity makes all efforts to keep the God in perpetual ‘Anger’ and the ‘Fear-Empire’ is kept intact and flourishing. Read More
The world we live is what it is, neither good nor bad. It is neutral and objective. Wellness is largely individual onus. As we acquire and practice those life skills, which make life wellness a beautiful journey for us, our mind is attuned to them. We then have an auto-mechanism… Read More
This word Acceptance is magical; has a world of wellness embedded in it. Acceptance of a simple Hypothesis of Hypocrisy in intimacy can be therapeutic. How a small shift in Cognition and an alternative dimension of ‘Reality-Acceptance’ can work magic in relationship, love-life and mutuality is what this eBook tells… Read More
One needs to be in lasting physical, emotional and ideational wellness. Tips, pills, and ‘shoulds’ abound; still, wellness is elusive. Wellness is largely a function of emotional ‘poise’ of consciousness. Wisdom of wellness is in being the ‘master of mechanism’, ‘internalizing’ the multifaceted life-living realisms and then, creating a personalized… Read More
You are born of scam; shall die in scam. Everyone is scamming others. What better expected of the most depraved-dangerous half animal-half human, 7.5-billion strong species? Fear, anger, attitude, denial, deception as proceeds of the scam are the pandemics this species loves. Scared of death, yet trades it most. Reality… Read More
Enjoying life, living richly and happily successful is great. However, all attainments and accomplishment are not about life-engineering but ‘I-Management’. Primary success is Self-Actualization. Sadly, I or Self is the worst-handled enterprise of humanity. In new millennium, we need to unlearn the archaic yet all-embracing stupidities of self. This ‘Be… Read More
Human body-mind is a warrior, a great survivor but its full potential requires very specific processes of optimization. Everyone is a huge potential but his or her wellness and success excellence can only be attained when we decipher the Rule of Causality, which leads us there. This eBook unravels the… Read More
Be witness to; imbibe, entirely novel idea of you, life-living, success; especially; dimension of life called love. You enter a landscape of unfamiliar potentials and mine a wealth of unusual worth. You end up being someone, even you would wonder, ‘Am I the same?’ In contemporary chaotic times; you journey… Read More
A poem from the poetry series on Forestry. Read More
A piece of literature that tackles the issue of racism in the African continent. It liberates the mind of the reader, and it inspires black consciousness in all aspects. Read More

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March 22, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Everyday necessary outfit. Read More
An article that explores the insight that mindfulness and a good dose of self acceptance could be the answer to our climate crisis. Read More
A short stream of consciousness about the impact technology has had in my life. Read More
God knows who is chasing who! My poem. Read More
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