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In accordance with Britain leaving the EU, I thought it appropriate to share my analysis and perspectives of how Brexit impacted Labour's 2019 election campaign and how it contributed to their subsequent defeat The article itself is part of an essay that I'm writing that takes a look at the… Read More
A brief analysis as to why the debate surrounding the National Living Wage in the UK should be shaped around wealth disparity and inequality rather than a question of isolated affordability Read More
An expression of disillusionment with British politics in general, but mainly with those currently in power. Read More
In American politics, there are left-wingers and right-wingers, the liberals and the conservatives, respectively. Coincidentally, many liberals tend to be Democratic, and many conservatives tend to be Republican. But what does it mean to be a conservative, or to be a liberal? What are the similarities and the differences between… Read More
This essay describes the ways polarizing conflict prevents us from solving urgent problems, especially global warming. It also shows a way out of polarization. Read More
A sign of the times Sing along to this with the tune from "Matchstick men, matchstick cat's and dog's" Read More
Attention Liberals, and Democrats and Cry Babies, don't bother to read this it'll send your blood pressure through the roof. LOL! Read More
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