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A political short story, hopefully your more intelligent than a half brain dead monkey to understand the thousands of parallels and references I crafted into the story. Read More
I have tried my hand at writing Science Fiction. What if you were Cleo? A girl so mesmerized by the world's destruction-she dosen't notice the bigger thing going on. Or what if you were Evie? A girl hating her home, herself, and only being able to find out the truth… Read More
War never changes. The names sometimes, and the numbers killed maybe, but nothing important. War and the people who wage it are immortal. Read More
These days, it's all about entertainment. You switch on the television for one reason only: to enjoy a moment of your favorite show or movie. It's all about entertainment - especially for Ian Warrick. His favorite form of entertainment is not exactly politically-correct.; in fact, it's something that lives in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What is existance and what is bravery? Stranded in time and space the characters struggle to make sense of their own lives.But are they really alive? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is Lincoln Valley, the City. It's really just a town with skyscrapers, because before the corporations bought out the entire Northern side, that's all it was. Just one big town, with one hell of a downtown sector. Nowadays, it is in this city, with low-lifes to the South and… Read More
A dry desert lakebed 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Read More
After centuries of ecological mistreatment the world is left a waste land. A holy man goes on quest to find answers that will bring life back to the world. He encounter his own motives and ambitions. Read More
The Anunnaki is about a failing society that is held together by the false beliefs of it leaders. I’ve combined images from conspiracy theory. The beliefs portrayed in this story are an imitation of the secret New World Order policy of the Shadow Government. Read More
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