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The Booksie Classic House

Riley, a young adult living life as he always had, a miner living in the desolate city of Malkuth, has his world turned upside down by an old man with a mysterious past and even more mysterious present. The stories the old mechanic tells seem so ridiculous yet compelling enough… Read More
Stories of Horror relating to a variety of real life events, conspiracy theories, entities that have been deemed myths. Some stories might relate to you, some might just creep you out.. but all have some hidden truths behind them.. *Stories range from first person, to third person.* Read More
Jack McCoy is an out of work gambling addict who needs a quick buck and decides to take his friend's advice and participate in a lab experiment. At first, it all seemed great, especially the $300 per day, but soon he realizes that he should have read the fine print.… Read More

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January 28, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Sarah Marie lives in Anchorage, and is often seen with her talkative friend Gabby. Mark lives in the same city, and same neighborhood with his mom. All four of these Alaskans appear normal for the most part on the outside, but on the inside have a whole mess of issues.… Read More
A mystery needs to be solved. It begins with conflicting stories of an alien abduction. It ends with the abducted girl being the key to every thing. It all hangs in the balance. Where is Amelia? Read More
Lies and deceit surrounding college education, job interviews and personal relations. Read More
Read an excerpt from the erotic occult novel by Roquel Rodgers in which Ben Franklin is initiated into the Order of St. Francis. Find out the real history behind the American History you thought you knew. Well-researched, entertaining, and shockingly sexy. An absolute must-read for all conspiracy buffs. Read More
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