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This is a Skyrim fanfiction I wrote called "Courage and Kindness". I'm actually just writing this as an ongoing story for my own encouragment and study, so I'm not sure how long it will go or how it will end. Still, I am giving you the opportunity to read it… Read More
Capable and Constance were adopted by Mr and Mrs Busang when they were fourteen years old. Life apears to be going well, but they're adoptive parents seem to be hiding a dark secret... Read More
Cemetery Hill is the second installment in the Subconscious series. We find ourselves in Highland Springs, Mississippi following a strange family living on the hill in the cemetery and their closest neighbor Jake who plans on discovering their deepest secrets. Read More
A girl named Constance recently lost her mother, and has lived with her 30 year old brother for a short amount of time. Her dad shows up from out of the blue and wants to meet up with her. Constance has never met him since she was two months old,… Read More

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July 06, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Three people seek satisfaction in their lives: Royston Hughes, the sarcastic wallflower stuck in a mediocre job with a mediocre life; Constance Kline, a rich girl living in a city where poverty lines the streets, unable to understand the true meaning of hardwork, love, or anything alike; and Fabrizo Carlone,… Read More
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