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A modern story writing in the style of a fairytale about a girl who forgot everything she knew. Consumerism and life in the matrix versus spirituality and enlightenment. Read More

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March 18, 2019

Does the analogy support the premise that freedom is: limits lived honestly? (Image by Pinterest) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The year is 2032, life is pretty much the same, except the fast-food industry dominates the economy thanks to an advancement in nanotechnology: the 'fat-fighter', capable of negating the effects of food to a desired - often socially required - amount. Just a simple injection after a meal, and the… Read More
It is either a sweet poem about an edible delight from the dessert's point of view or a statement about consumerism, greed and death. Read More
This essay focuses on ethical consumerism and building an ethical consumer society. Read More
Why do we have this obsession with old things and a strange love-hate relationship with the new? Why is everything from Target a no-go but that hideous brown and orange 70?s thermos is number one on our wish list? Why are stores like Urban Outfitters making replicas of old clothing… Read More
A simple poem about what most mothers and fathers see when their children want something they can't have. Read More
A short crime fiction story about consumerism. Read More
This I wrote when I was twelve. It meant to convey my limited view of the world: obsessed with consumerism, bordering on insane. I was planning to turn it into a full-length story, but decided I liked the symbolism better without the extra chapters I had added. Enjoy! Read More
This is how I feel about THE American Dream Read More
Speaking out against society and the Treyvon Martin killing. Read More
A 100 word story about a man adjusting to change in his life. Read More

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April 08, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Just a little poem about a can of Coca-Cola. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it. Read More
Plato's famous Allegory of the Cave, retold with modern substitutions. Read More
A satirical manifesto decrying the current state of romantic love. Read More
We're dropped into this planet, imbibed into mindsets set by our ancestors. Is that good enough? Read More
Kay here. Just a quick prose-like essay i wrot a few years back expressing my thoughts and feelings on the subject of consumer society and spirituality. Read More
A bizarre story of when two strangers meet and partake in consciousness alteration. Read More
A journey of the mind and body with a magical and unsettling twist... Read More
A shopaholic muses on the price of beauty, the lure of cosmetic ads. Read More
A story about the feelings engendered by modern life Read More
Protecting ourselves from excessive exposure to the media might reduce our tendency to sink into consumerism, and therefore protect us from an obsession with consumption as the main focus of our lives. In abandoning consumerism as a lifestyle, we may be surprised to realize how few things a person really… Read More
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