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The British Transport Police are a specialist Police Force that are primarily employed to Police Britain's rail network. Mal Manders is a rookie Cop and is about to take his first steps into the local law and order arena. He is new, very green, and not a natural Cop by… Read More
A tale of life, death, love, and a lot of blood. When faced with certain death, Marty finally finds the woman of his dreams in the intriguing Vanessa. All too late for Marty and typical of how life had dealt him this bad hand. But Vanessa offers Marty more than… Read More

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October 31, 2020

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The Night Owl Hotel House

A facade. A secret. A long lost friend. Sometimes all it takes is one moment to realize who you really are.....and to realize the truth about another..... Read More

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October 15, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Marcus Blaringdale says something which is shared to social media. He is publicly shamed for what he said, and his life changes significantly. Read More
Two aspiring writers meet at a writers conference in Seattle, and what follows is steamy fun. Read More

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August 29, 2020

"omnicide 2022" is a fictional political satire novel with a current feel: Crazy politicians are embroiled in a strange war which is led by Monro-the president of the Free Democracies, against Aswad- President of the Militant Islamists. Monro,Aswad and their armies are leading the world to a terrifying escalation. In… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Anne Maria Whithawk and Charlotte Daisy Whithawk are two dear sisters born to Peter Whithawk and Rosie Whithawk. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

As the coolest kid at high school, Holly had absolutely no time for my weedy boyfriend Ben. But when he became a millionaire and we were due to marry, she suddenly changed her tune.. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When teenage Youtube star Alice Daniels goes missing, but continues to post videos – now citing religious text, it not only has a devastating effect on her family, but also those who feel they know her. Among these are Helena, a woman who is obsessed with David, Alice’s famous father;… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What happens when you secretly start to respond to everyone's messages in high school? Honestly, nothing much expect some good amount of revelation of student's lives. And that's exactly the case in Emily Watson's school; Roosevelt High. Meet Emily, other than being a freshman and one of the "guys" in… Read More
When Nischala Saunders finds her elderly neighbor and friend nearly dead she does everything she can to look out for him. Even if it means going toe to toe with his extremely annoying and handsome grand son. The last thing she expected when they finally meet is an attraction hot… Read More
When Emma Klein's father passes away on the anniversary of her mother's suicide, she must return to her childhood home to fulfill his final wishes. There she confronts her abusive past and forgive her parents with the help of her brother, Gabriel if she wants a chance at a life… Read More
Title taken from Adele's song 'Hello'. Don't @ me asking for an explanation because I'm going to sound stupid. Read More
Jenna Brennan doesn’t believe in love. She doesn’t believe in marriage, and she’s learned to only count on herself. At her Uncle Walter’s insistence, and a little emotional blackmail, she returns to Misty Harbor Cottages to help him for one last summer in a place that's really the only home… Read More
The housing market is crashing, and Sophie’s life is crashing with it. At twenty-four, her successful real estate career evaporates. She’s broke, can’t find a job, or pay her bills. At the urging of her roommate, Sophie accepts a job in her fallback career—teaching six-year-olds. She hopes it’s temporary. After… Read More
He never expected to fall for his nemesis. She never expected to arrange her divorce before her marriage. Yet, it might be the best thing that ever happened. Kai Stuart hadn’t expected his marital status—lack of marriage to be exact—to be the deal-breaker that stood between him and buying a… Read More
He’s locked out of important business opportunities without her. She’s determined to land the internship in his corporation. A workplace romance isn’t on either of their bucket lists. Easton Winslow has been checking off her goals. Undergrad from Brown University. Check. MBA from Yale. Check. Her next goal is an… Read More
He's a country star trying to lay low. She's a pawn shop owner struggling to get by. Can their relationship last when she learns his secret? As a member of a top country-western band, Chase has the money and fame he's always wanted. When he meets the beautiful woman who… Read More
Wynter has spent her entire young life behind a chain-link fence in the middle of the Arizona desert. Her search for love starts the day she escapes on a bus with nothing but an address and her sister's instructions to forget the past and embrace the world outside. Knocking on… Read More
Not a lot of people bought flowers anymore. "Ding! Came the jingling of bells by the door, the noise echoing throughout the quiet room. She felt herself inhale sharply and glanced up." Cover art © by Yaoyao Ma Van As Read More

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The Young Adult Readers And Writers House

Living in the fast lane is getting kind of lonely. You're born with numbers on your wrist; the years left in your life. When it turns to 0, you're a walking time bomb. All rights reserved © 2019 M. W. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Whenever I sit down and pick up a pencil and notepad, I find it both a beautiful mystery and a tragedy that there are so many stories remaining undiscovered... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Isabella Daniels is on a mission, that starts by borrowing her stepsisters invitation to a museum fundraiser along with a killer pair of shoes. If she can convince the board members to use her bakery to cater all their desert needs, then maybe the bank will approve the loan she… Read More

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October 11, 2018

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The All Star Story Writers House

Think you’ve outgrown fairy-tales? Well think again! The Contest brings the fairy-tale Kingdom of Cyberia right up to date, with on-line match making, speed dating, cyber spells and, of course, love rivals. Meet the hard up King and Queen of Cyberia and their feisty, rebellious daughter, HRH Princess Eemay, who… Read More
They came in a Black Rain falling down onto humanity dealing a devastating blow. Humanity was pushed back until Doctor Ellen Trace developed the Trace Cubes. A device that brings out the best potential in its wielder. Now humanity stands on their own two feet ready to return back… Read More
urban contemporary romance Read More

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