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Finn needs to know Nika’s secrets to keep her safe; Nika needs to keep her secrets to keep Finn alive! Nika holds secrets that everyone wants, including Finn, the hard, angry cop that she’s enlisted to protect her. She’s on the run from the Russian mafia, alone… Read More
The new man in Kelsie’s life is hard, unpredictable and irresistibly mysterious. Dean is running hurt from the Russian mafia; he’s torn between his job as an operative for a secret organization and his lust for the woman he’s holding captive. Dean knows Kelsie is a distraction… Read More
lovers reunite. Read More
Aalia is having a hard time forgetting her high school breakup and the mess it created. She struggles to move on from the one who was caught in the crossfire when she couldn't go on with her present relationship. She broke up with her boyfriend but lost her best friend… Read More
What happens when feelings get in the way of a perfect arrangement? The Prince: Evan Mershano is a billionaire bachelor with no interest in marriage, but if he wants to keep his empire, he must play The Prince’s Game. The Contestant: Sarah Summers finds herself on a reality dating show… Read More
Her touch is his greatest temptation Overwhelmed by her sudden success, Saskia Vandroegenberg decides to shore up her confidence with a surprise visit to her father on the Caribbean island she grew up on, Anguilla. But her impulsive plan has unexpected results. Her father is away on business and his… Read More
Sixteen-year-old Luke Conway is in his last year of high school in the harbour side town of Haven River. Writing is Luke’s life. All he wants to do is be a journalist and write stories about storm chasers. But Ryan, Luke’s protective older brother and guardian, has other ideas. When… Read More
Sometimes life can pull you in unexpected directions. Carmen Mclean doesn't want to be saved. She is determined to stand on her own to feet. When a broken down car alters her plans she finds she has more time than she knows what to do with. Sawyer Stevenson is working… Read More

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August 08, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

*Cover photograph courtesy of: Michael Färber Photography Used with permission. -This novel will contain very mature content- Sometimes chance encounters can be life changing. Meet Abby. A twenty year old, with a tragic childhood, that likes to play it safe. She lives an uncomplicated, unattached life. Just the way she… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Colin Mackenzie was once a top reporter for the London Times, until he neglected to check the validity of his resources. Forced to resign, he eventually found another job with one of Britain's sleaziest tabloids as a gossip columnist exposing bizarre phenomena - UFOs, messiahs, séance madams and miracle healers.… Read More
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