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Exactly one year has passed since their bodies were discovered in the depths of the Brandywine and Benjamin still has yet to come to grips with the fateful night he lost both girls he loved most. Each passing moment serves as a daily challenge for Benjamin's constant struggle to survive… Read More
The FBI can’t find the two most important people in veterinarian Jessee Bradford’s life, his wife Serena and baby daughter Sofia, and the agents believe Serena abandoned Jessee with no intention of returning. But why would Serena kidnap Sofia and why can’t anyone find them? Taken Away is a contemporary… Read More
This is a blurb about my debut novel, Happy Campers, as well as the brief eighth chapter. Read More
Sleazebag Brian Miller gets through another night of drunken debauchery. Read More
A look at modern life and the lost dreams of what it could be. Read More
Meet John. He has an interesting job. Read More
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