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The industrial age shifted the culture of agricultural communities and families. As society became more aware of the needs of the individuals, many individual needs fell through the cracks in out of way places. For example, U.S. society has not yet dealt with the loss at that time of the… Read More
During the artists life he never got to really see what is now considered to be his masterpiece come to fruition. The now iconic symbol on the back of Italy’s 20-cent Euro coin first started out as a wax sculpture in 1913 (3 years before his death). Umberto Boccioni finished… Read More

Poem / Fantasy

July 26, 2008

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fantasy oh, and yes, yes, the line 'I hope you don't mind' is borrowed (not stolen) lol (eek) from the song by elton john.....'oh,,, I hope he don't mind, I hope he don't mind' lol Read More

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