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Ethan, Fiona and Nelson go to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ethan is enticed by a Bernie Or Bust delegate after he gets offered a speaking slot as a converted Republican. Meanwhile, Ryan and Catherine encounter difficulty in their new minimalist lifestyle Read More
Ethan, Fiona and Nelson head to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio where Ethan is offered a job opportunity and Catherine tries to get Ryan to become a minimalist. Read More
the article is a summary of what goes on in international transport law. it has detailed some challenges the stakeholders face and also the solutions. Read More
The furry fandom is a big place. I guess you can only truely know what it's like if you become one. Read More
Sucide is not for popular girls, or anyone. Read More
The first of short series of Flash Fiction stories, which deals with the tale of a Battleship in an interstellar war, 200 years in the future. Read More
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