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Copper is one of my characters with super speed. This poem composed of 3 lines per stanza expresses who he is. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short, and humorous, (I hope), story about jumping to conclusions, or believing the unbelievable. Well maybe it's about both. You be the judge. Read More
The year is 1838. Queen Victoria has been on the throne for one year. The world is powered by steam and airships roam the skies. Cyborgs and robots walk the streets as equals with humans and London is a centre of trade and wealth. At the London airship docks an… Read More
A Journey in to the world of your inner mind, One man goes on a quest to figure out why he's trapped in what he thinks is a dream, what will chris do what will he find, will you discover something true to you? Read More
Ethan entertains an inexplicably amazing offer to buy his house, Jacob laments that he cannot warn his father to not take the deal before he gets out of prison and Ryan uses viral marketing to promote his album Read More
Jacob connects with a girl on the outside, but soon finds out her ulterior motives, Depraved Hallway Fern records their album but clash with each other over creative differences Read More
Beauty is pain right? So I thought I would make this short story about how much I loved my dog. RIP Copper Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Here is the story about a man whos past is unknown to him. He meets a woman at a bar and wakes up married to her. He thinks that she is the key to his happiness. But until he can't defeat the darkness that has shrouded the world that is… Read More
Four friends face difficulty when they end up in an unrealistic universe that they never saw coming. In order to escape and go back to their normal lives, they must find requested objects that hold pure power, and give them to the rulers of chimerical world. If they do not… Read More

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May 07, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

mildly creepy poem i decided to write the other day. Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 18, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Get ready for the battles of champions as the world of Gaia is plunged in a world war with sides picking sides for survival. A small but powerful group of soldiers, known as Legacy, fight for freedon in the war of the Allys and the Banes. The corpse of a… Read More
Copper Lily Louise Harris moves to london to escape the horrors of her past, but could the newest horror in her life be a blessing in descuise *sorry for any spelling mistakes Read More
Lana Malloy lives in Slate Creek, a sleepy Minnesota town, with her three brothers and her father. She enjoys the peaceful exclusion in her home in front of the Lake, until the Charrings move in on the other side, and Lana becomes intrigued by their son, Matt. Soon, Lana loses… Read More

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May 09, 2010

copper is a good conductor Read More
I'm not stupid, I'm just understanding... Read More
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