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A 16 year old growing up on Detroit's eastside is headed for a life of crime. When an arrest and a Detroit police officer change his life forever. Read More
Ashby was the sort of bloke that makes sure he finish the job. Read More
This is a short tale. A tit for tat with myself, and everything. And everyone. Read More
They are sitting in a bar. Time is changing fast. What is happening outside? Read More
Danielle Reynolds has horrific, recurring nightmares involving vivid scenes of death and gore in an abandoned mansion. After seeking help, she learns her dead grandfather is trying to contact her from beyond the grave to convince her to prove his innocence in the 1971 vicious murders of the wealthy Cunningham… Read More
Detective Combs has a case to solve, but this may be a hard cookie to crumble. Read More
Just another day on the streets of Los Angeles, California, motorist wise. Read More

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Writer is a banker by profession. Read More
He is at work. There is a mysterious girl there. Who is she? What is she? Read More

Tags: work, robbery, cops

He seems to be watched. Who is chasing him? What is the problem? Read More

Tags: mystery, escape, cops

He has seen something very strange. What does it mean? Are they going to get him soon? Read More

Tags: window, cops, scene, spies

If you were in a career field with overwhelming darkness, would you strive to find the light? Renowned, one eyed Police Officer, Amber Li answers this question. Read More
Camor is arrested for the murder of the governor. There's a lot more to it than a simple murder though. Read More
They are traveling by train. What is threatening them? Where are they going? Whatever is going to happen to them? Read More

Tags: train, danger, cops, spies

A demonstration us a new beginning . Is he going to change the world!? Read More

Poem / Romance

October 06, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The ballad of an American bandit. Read More
Tunya Rae learned about the economic opportunities of the world’s oldest profession and picked up a mentor—Tangilique Veeona Grigsby, also known by her working monicker as “Marilyn Monroe,” took her under her arm. Tunya Rae was soon talking the talk, walking the walk, and negotiating the price of blowjobs,… Read More
Era of innovations and upgrades. New prosthetics and implants around every corner. The perfect world.....thats what we thought. No crime, no issues, better work......but the truth lies deeper. A young detective is on the case of the biggest crimes for the past four years. The murder of the creator,… Read More
Its the summer, me and my three friends are close, mostly hanging out with each other. We all have our own issues of life. We are all going into ninth grade and things are looking for down for all of us. So, naturally we decide to do the only… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The town was looking forward for a huge event ahead the weekend . Everything turned around for the Walkers , they lost all they had and only one person could save them . His existence only could save them . Read More

Tags: mystery, tragedy, cops

1975 was not a good year in a place soon to be once called Saigon. A lot of folks who had been living comfortably, some lavishly, with lots of servants, departed suddenly and moved to far off places like Paris, France, to live comfortably, some lavishly, and deal with the… Read More
Harold James MacGowan AKA “Harry,” AKA “The Great Detective,” with more than 25 years of service and 46 years of life on this earth, is a much revered man. Especially by himself. In the fantasies that run and rerun through his head he is “Dirty Harry MacGowan, the Enforcer,” and… Read More
They have to get out of there! Their lives are in danger. One mistake and they are dead. What is the best way out!? Read More

Tags: escape, girls, cops

A story of a lonely young man who befriends a lavish spender on Facebook and gets attached to his hot girlfriend, The events take a U turn when his friend finds out about the affair. Read More

Tags: murder, crime, chase, cops

The Company. An association that started with bad intentions that now has worst intentions. The Company steals all you have, knows all you have, and will have all you have. The U.S government doesn't even know that The Company even exist, ironically, it was them who created it. There are… Read More
A short story of drugs, desperation, cops, and users. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 11, 2016

In a lots. Read More

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A short story of Detective AstroMax A robotic detective from the future! Read More
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