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November 20, 2010

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A sister like Venice Gray makes Reese's life interesting. And big brother football player, Kyle Gray, is over protective and that makes Reese mad. How can they all cope together to make their aunt's wedding perfect, and their parents job's easier, all while trying to get what they want? Read More
For EliseMarieRenspera's contest. My song was My First Kiss by 3oh!3 (feat. ke$ha) Yeahhh, so it's hard not to listen to this song and think of sex >.< I was absolutely stumped on what to write about, so pardon me if the plot is crappy. To be honest, I don't… Read More
I love High School Muscial. mostly couse of Corbin Bleu i love him. so i rote a story about me and him. my best friend sarah is in it she likes ryan so shes with him in joy my story so you know there are a lot of chapters so… Read More
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