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Most people in the UK associate surfing with Newquay but Widemouth in North Cornwall was its original home. Widemouth is where the Australian pioneers of the sport came when they first arrived in the country to test the waters. Surfers will tell you that the bay has an easy paddle… Read More
Jasmine Adams has a dream while she's in Cornwall for half-term about a boy who she meets the next day. She makes friends with him and a girl called Ashley but then Ashley starts getting into loads of accidents and Jasmine is determined to find out why. Jasmine's life starts… Read More
What is happening in the rugby community in Cornwall. Who can Bors Ryman trust? And who is Suzi Foxx? Read More
The protagonist suffers from internet addiction disorder and checks into a retreat in Cornwall, where he looks for romance. But what else is happening in the world? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The narrator finds that strange things are happening to him in rural Cornwall. Read More
You find yourself in Cornwall, England and nothing is what it seems. Is there an explanation? Read More
A man walking his dog on a remote Cornish beach sees a mysterious figure hiding amongst the rocks. No one else seems to see him. Who is he? Read More
I've been hard at work, boys and girls, working behind the scenes for my chance to make a dent in Whirled Peas. Read More
Used in past times to overcome poverty, in modern times to ease recession. Read More
A religious cult has caused disruption and outrage by interrupting Church services throughout West Cornwall with 'loud and Satanic' music. Read More
There is more than a whiff of revolution in the air as a Cornish village embraces the insights and revelations of local hermit, Jay Sawyer. Read More
This is a short story about Eva, a girl who leaves her home town to dicover the wonders of the Coast line. Read More
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