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Traveling can be... quite the adventure Read More
A boy and girl neighbors grew up together, one mentally handicapped, the other normal and bright. Separated in adulthood, they are reunited after years, find love together, no mental illness, and discover other surprises about each other. Their lives will be centered on each other and their kids, as told… Read More
From southern Mississippi a farm boy emerges to become baseballs greatest, but not before he traumatized overcomes the tragic rape and murder of his mother. Surviving with his father a dairy farmer, and sister witnessing the killer leave the scene of the crime but she traumatized and years not remembering… Read More
Based on a dream by the author - a man traveling to his cabin from Florida to north Georgia in his old pickup truck, sees he has low tire pressure. Stopping at a reputable tire and service dealer near Blue Ridge, he encounters the proprietors mother, an elderly woman working… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Strolling across the countryside I never expected to come across a horse racing stadium. Read More
He can't help it, he stinks, his wife, relatives, neighbors - heck, the whole of Gilmer Country, Georgia enduring his natural rank condition in their presence. After working years at jobs suited his stinky condition, he is invited by a friend of an in-law to undertake a special job… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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In a time where it feels like there is little hope for South Africa-this will show South Africans like myself, even people from other nations, that South Africa is a proud and patriotic nation. Read More
I had no intention of joining the army. Daily, my friend Bertram kept on lecturing to me, until I gave in. Read More

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West Virginia farmer, and female hired hand and homeless traveler, experience individually life's challenges and tragedy's, both to overcome as they work together, ultimately to discover a romantic bond between them. Read More
My first creation of fiction in a long time Read More
Elderly farmer carves in wood his old pal, a bulldog/lab mix, which has sickened in old age and is close to dying. Read More

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November 11, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Because I was a soldier, and never been in the thick of battle, I know what those brave soldiers have gone through. They'll always be remembered no matter who they are. This little poem came up. Read More
My journey for 6 weeks in a completely different yet a similar country, Indonesia. Read More
written August 4, 2014 true account of ancestors.....facts, dates, times, names, culture, place, and experiences are all correct. Read More
Drunk in a foreign country ... Read More
I have written a business plan that is based on starting on a small scale. Perhaps not catching 50 fish the first year and, if every thing goes well, I will increase the number each year until I reach a comfortable level of living from not catching fish. Read More
Living in a foreign country. Read More
this story exposes the problems of political ideologies and displays a real situation. Read More
This poem is a tribute to the army soldiers. They are ready to sacrifice for their country. This poem is about a boy, who was free. He saw many dreams and he wanted to live for his country. The boy was finally given a push into the army one day.… Read More

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Here's my latest. Read More

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Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. This is my first published book so any and all criticism is welcome! I'm also perfectly content on knowing your thoughts about the book so far, thank you! Read More
A small short story that comments on a bit of today's zeitgeist. Read More
This is a modern approach taken by youth but the primitive aspect has to be thought of. It gives a complete insight into the agri world & makes a wonderful experience for the reader. Read More
George Greywolf lives hidden away high in the mountains. After seeing what seems to be an invasion by the North's seemingly eternal enemy, the Salieh, he is forced to make a difficult decision. But he knows his aid might not be accepted easily. Some of the chapters are a little… Read More
Hello Booksie Friends: I just published online with Kindle Direct Publishing. My poetry book is called: "A Red Barn in the Midwest Chapbook: 30 Country Poems" The book is $ 2.99 and going to be available in 13 countries. The book cover was designed late, so should be up and… Read More

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